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Premiering our Animations to Change the World 2021

By November 19, 2021April 1st, 2022Whiteboard Animation
Two stills are featured from new explainer videos; they are a child and teacher playing at Project Commotion, and a family being supported by the Federation of Neighborhood Centers. Title reads: Animations to Change the World 2021 - Grant Winner Videos

Earlier this fall, we introduced you to Project Commotion and the Federation of Neighborhood Centers. These two incredible nonprofit organizations, based in San Francisco and Philly respectively, are the winners of our 2021 Animations to Change the World Grant. As the winners of our grant, Project Commotion and FNC each received a two-minute explainer animation.  

Both organizations  center their community deeply at the heart of their missions…and that’s kind of our jam.  After spending the last few months diving deeper into their stories, and getting to know the real people behind the work, we can genuinely say how deeply proud we are to have had the opportunity to support the work of these brilliant organizations.

Three children participate in a stretching exercise led by a teacher; reads: "Enhance brain-body connection, increase t heir self-regulation, help them develop empathy"

A still from Project Commotion’s video.

Project Commotion helps families embrace self-expression through joyful movement and sensory stimulation. FNC empowers families impacted by the carceral system to be a part of the systemic change that will ultimately end mass incarceration. In their own ways, the work that these nonprofits do in their communities is tangibly changing lives every day.  

A large group of diverse community members stand together in front of a Philly court building.

A still from the Federation of Neighborhood Center’s video.

Because nonprofits rely on human connection to raise money, raise awareness, and make important changes, the human touch of animated video proves to be the perfect medium to compel viewers to not only see – but really feel – the impact that these two groups have.   

We’re so excited to share their projects with you.


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