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Animations Help Nonprofits Do Great Work. Here’s How.

By January 22, 2016March 17th, 2023Whiteboard Animation, Nonprofit, Marketing
animation for nonprofits

It might not surprise you that we here at Next Day Animations go a little nuts for explainer animations. It’s not just because we are charmed by their simplicity, authenticity, and humor (though we do love those things). It’s because we’ve seen again and again how powerful they can be. We love working with all kinds of clients: businesses big and small, healthcare providers, and individuals to name a few. But some of the most gratifying work experiences have been with nonprofit organizations. That’s because we believe in their work, and it feels awesome to contribute in real, tangible, meaningful ways.

Here are a few things animations can do to help your nonprofit organization achieve big things:

7 dollar billFundraise.

In order to make big change, nonprofits need money. It’s a fact of life. An emotionally compelling animation with a strong call to action at the end (“Donate Now!”) can funnel your audience directly to your contribution page, and convince them that now’s the time to give.


Does your organization rely on volunteers to get important work done? An animation is a wonderful way to provide consistent, clear, and engaging trainings to volunteers and employees. These can be sent out via email or shown at an in-person training — super versatile!

12 crowd smilingRecruit.

Increase your visibility with an animation — easily embedded on a website, social media, or in an email. Whether you are promoting an event or recruiting members/volunteers, animations can spread the word about your organization.

Tell Your Story.

As a nonprofit, you rely on human connection to raise money, raise awareness, and make important change. Animations help you forge those connections by getting to the heart of things and telling your emotional story. Your message is sure to stick and people will remember your organization, and might just be compelled to join the cause.

What are you waiting for? See how we’ve partnered with nonprofits in the past and connect with us today. We’ll help you make big things happen.

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