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You have a lot of great things to say. But between best practices, mission statements, products, and histories, it can be tricky to keep your message in one place (or on one page). You could really use some kind of container—a storytelling technique that distills your message into one, clear, engaging piece that can grab an audience and keep them there… But what could it possibly be?

That’s right, we’re talking about the precision and power of the explainer animation. It’s a medium that thrives on clarity, taking those unweildy tendrils of your message and braiding them together into a crystal clear format. The ingredients that make your message unique—personal stories, company philosophies, exciting products and services—can work together in an animation to create a finished product that celebrates the whole without diluting the parts.

An explainer animation is just that first bite of what you have to offer, but it can act as the entry-point for an audience that wants to know what makes you special. By codifying your message into playful images and a powerful story structure of a classic design, you’ll have a dynamite trailer that gets your audience to take that next step, and buy tickets to your movie.