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How to Convince Your Boss You Need an Explainer Animation

How to Convince Your Boss You Need an Explainer Video

If you’re reading this you probably understand and appreciate the power of explainer videos and know that they are often just the thing to get the job done. But for better or for worse, you don’t work in a silo; you work within a team and the decision to invest in video content is not yours alone. So how do you convince your boss and colleagues that it’s time to make room in the budget for video? We’ve outlined the ways that explainer videos are most commonly used and have bulleted some talking points that should help you to be more persuasive next time you pitch your idea.

Train Your Team

  • Onboarding is more enjoyable for everyone when explainer animations are involved. Not only do they break down complicated information, they also make what would otherwise be boring information more engaging and fun to watch. (That means you’re learning and boosting morale at the same time!)
  • Get on the same page – fast! If there’s important information that needs quick disseminating, consider how effective it would be to simply embed the video into an all-staff email. Worried about information retention? You can incorporate quizzes and questionnaires to go along with your content, aka: eLearning!

Marketing Content

  • According to research, by 2020 video content will account for 78% of all consumer internet traffic. Incorporate more video into your marketing now to stay ahead of the curve.
  • You’ll stand out in a crowded field with explainer videos. Show the world who you are, what you care about and how much fun you are to work with when you use an explainer animation to highlight your brand.
  • Not only will an explainer animation help you to stand out, they are a great way to get specific about your call to action.

Raise Funds

  • Explainer videos pull at heartstrings! Let the world know what amazing things you’re doing and why they should care.
  • Save time for connection. Our videos cover the core of your story which leaves you more time for relationship building.
  • Expand who you’re asking with an explainer video. You’ll be able to broadcast your message to hundreds of thousands of people instead of just the person sitting directly in front of you.

We hope this helps! If after your pitch you still have skeptics on the team, tell them to visit us online or give us a call at 202-747-0404!