Video Animation Series

Build your message using a series of animations!

Got a lot to say? We want to help!

From video based learning to social media to marketing sequences, we’ve made a lot of animated series. And for good reasons. Breaking your story into digestible pieces helps to increase retention and keep viewers engaged.

Check out a few selections below, and give us a call if you think your topic could use a series.


Healthcare: Awesome Trainings with HealthSparq

HealthSparq wanted to create videos to help everyday people navigate the healthcare system. It’s a complicated field with lots to cover, so we made a series of animations to help them share the most important details and distill the emotional core of their story.

Advocacy: Sharing a Powerful Story with National Public Pension Coalition

The National Public Pension Coalition was looking to spread vital information about pension policies. To strengthen their message and dig deep into their issue, we created a series of 2D animations and a series of whiteboard animations literally illustrating the problem.

2D Animation Series

Whiteboard Animation Series