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Announcing our 2023 Animations to Change the World Grant Winners

By September 1, 2023May 9th, 2024Next Day Animations
Our 'Animations to Change the World' graphic, featuring handwritten title on a salmon background that reads 'Animations to Change the World Nonprofit Grant.' the background is made up of small, miscellanious whiteboard doodles. The image is cut off on the bottom right half with the announcement, 2023 Winner: the 'Blacklining Foundation, Inc.' logo is there, featuring a red colored pencil drawing beneath the name of the organization.

Not every incredible cause has the budget to match. That’s why we founded The Animations to Change the World Nonprofit Grant.

Every year, we receive applications from nonprofits across the country, highlighting their missions to make the world a better place and how an animation could support their cause.

It is never easy to select the winner, but we are honored and excited to get to work with this amazing and deserving organization. Without further ado, the  2023 Grant Winner is….

Animation is a powerful tool for change.

The Blacklining Foundation, Inc.!

Based in New York City, the mission of Blacklining Foundation is to reverse the negative effects of Redlining.

The Blacklining Foundation works through educating, empowering, creating and supporting communities across the United States, with the vision of seeing areas that were once deemed ‘unworthy’ and ‘undesirable’ become flourishing communities in America.

The Blacklining Foundation offers free workshops for adults and youth, as well as producing toolkits on budgeting, financial wellness, and homeownership.

Why Use Animation to Change the World?

Nonprofits and Explainer Animations make a delightful pair: not only has animation been proven to support learning, but our experience proves time and again that animation is a powerful way to spur meaningful action.

In their application to our grant, the Blacklining Foundation stated “animation would allow us to take a complex bureaucratic decision, and explain it in layman’s terms to broaden our reach.”

Animation does just that, efficiently getting to the heart of important messages and sharing them in a way that resonates.

When asked why an animation would help the work their nonprofit does, the Blacklining Foundation explained, “We want the general public to acknowledge that Redlining was a real problem, and the effects of redlining are still prevalent today in urban cities across America.

“We want to gauge more supporters to support our cause and the call to action would be the creation of legislation to rectify these social issues and support initiatives to create vibrant communities.”

Clients trust us to create animations that can carry the weight of challenging subjects, and still leave audiences feeling clear.

We’ve already begun the exciting process of partnership that begins with every new whiteboard video we produce – and we are truly excited to see this video come to life.

Keep an eye on our website and social media this Fall to see the video premiere. We can’t wait to share this important message with the world!

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