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The Anatomy of a Persuasive Video

By September 29, 2023December 5th, 2023Whiteboard Animation
Title graphic, reads 'The Anatomy of a Persuasive Video' in black text on a deep red gradient background featuring NDA logos in transparent fade. a Digital drawing of a human outline is beside the text, with arrows pointing to different body parts like an anatomy diagram. They read, "Problem & Solution' (the head), "Emotional Appeal" (the heart), "Call to Action" (the feet) and "The Hook" (the stomach.)

You’ve heard that transforming your old PowerPoint presentation into an explainer animation is a perfect way to put the spark back into your message. And you’re right—it is!

But where do you begin?

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The truth is, whether you’ve got a product or a service to sell, or you’re in HR ready to announce the rollout of some overhauled company policies, presenting your message in the form of a video is an easily accessible, relevant and smart way to capture and hold your audience’s attention.

While the process isn’t as simple as sticking your presentation material into a video script template, it is fairly straightforward.

Here at Next Day Animations, we use a tried-and-true formula that’s worked incredibly well for over 13 years.

Here’s a rundown of exactly what to do in order to create a compelling script that’ll engage your audience and keep them interested right through to the end.

This video leverages – you guessed it! – the power of animation to shed light on our production process. Check it out.

The Anatomy of a Persuasive Video

Start with a hook.

A catchy phrase or a poignant question is the perfect way to pique your viewers’ interest.

Describe the problem.

Put yourself in their shoes, and relate to them by describing the problem they’re up against.

Talk about cause & effect.

Once you’ve pinpointed your viewers’ problem, get into the emotions that come about as a result.


This is the point at which you get to suggest that perhaps there’s a different way – an option that’ll make their lives better.

Introduce the solution.

There is a better way, and this is your chance to tell your audience what it is.

Talk it out.

Describe what it’s for, how it works and what it’ll do.

This explainer video, created with Loaves & Fishes, is an excellent example of persuasion. See if you can notice each of these steps show up in the script of this video.

Bring emotion back.

Now’s the time to tell your viewers exactly the ways in which your solution will improve their lives.

Get quippy.

Write a clever closing that ties up your message and makes your audience feel understood and uplifted.

Call them to action.

This is where you tell your audience exactly how to get in touch: to visit your website, to call, share, or buy now.

Finish up.

End your explainer animation with your organization’s name, logo and tagline if applicable.

That’s it! It’s not brain surgery, but it actually is brain science!

When it comes down to it, the most important things you can do when putting together a persuasive video are to identify the market you want to reach, to be authentic and to get right to the point.

Get rid of the marketing fluff, present your offer and its benefits clearly, and let your audience know right off the bat exactly what’s in it for them. Without doing these things, you risk watching your viewers’ attention spans dwindle away.

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Feel ready to get started?

We’ve got over a decade of the skills, the experience and the drive to streamline your message and turn it into a vibrant animation that’ll have your viewers hooked until the very last second. We’d love to hear from you!

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