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Explainer Animation For Nonprofits: Why Your Organization Needs One

Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed the rise of animation. It’s no longer just for kids – it’s now a powerful tool for organizations to get their message across. And as the medium has evolved, it’s become more accessible to organizations of all sizes, shapes, and budgets. Meaning, you don’t need a large staff or a huge bankroll to pull off creating one of these bad boys.

The explainer animation is a prime example of this. An explainer animation is a short animated video that aims to explain an idea or message in a simple, compelling way, through attention-grabbing visuals and clear language. These videos tend to be just a few minutes long, with an emphasis on simplicity so the core message comes across clean and clear.

So what makes explainer animations such a good fit for nonprofit organizations? We know nonprofits face unique challenges. Explainer animations can help.

Share Your Message with a Large Audience

Nonprofits deal in the business of changing the world. Whatever your cause or issue, chances are it’s super important. Similarly, chances are not enough people know or care about it. Part of your challenge is to inform – whether that’s a general public, policymakers, or people who live in a particular community. Explainer animations can distill your important message into a short, digestible, and engaging video. Plus, as pro scripters and animators, we know ways to make your message really sing and create emotional responses in your audience.

Drive Specific, Actionable Goals

Other than awareness building, most nonprofits are looking for people to act, whether it’s through donations, volunteering, sharing with their networks, or signing a petition. Explainer animations are a great way to drive specific action, by following your core message with a powerful call to action, and providing a pathway for the action to happen.

Adapt to a Changing World

The world is changing. Technology is changing. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, an explainer animation is a great way to show that you are forward thinking. A lot of nonprofits have trouble keeping up with changing trends, but these days, it’s essential to be able to connect with people online. An explainer animation can help you carve out your digital identity, or strengthen your existing one.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to an Expert

In the business of changing the world, there’s always more work to do. Thus, a huge challenge many nonprofit organizations face is workload. Whether your organization is understaffed, or just trying to do a lot, adding another large initiative like an explainer animation may not seem like the solution. Luckily, there are experts out there (like your’s truly!) who can walk you through the process and create a beautiful end product for you. Of course, you’ll need to available for a few calls and to provide feedback, but you can leave the heavy lifting to a trusted animation partner.

Every day, more and more nonprofit organizations are discovering the magic of explainer animations, and using them to accomplish their goals. Are you ready to join them?