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Creative Video Production as a Training Tool

Title graphic reads 'Creative Video Production as a Training Tool"; features a custom whiteboard style graphic; hand-drawn man sits at a computer desk observing a training on his screen, showing genes and some text; Next Day Animations logos float in the background.

We all know what it feels like to sit through a training that lacks creativity.

How many more speakers are on today? What font is that …and did I see it on a billboard this morning? When is lunch?!

We created a video for Securian that informed their most important stakeholders – their employees – about how to handle new brand guidelines. Learn more about this project by clicking here.

It doesn’t have to be this way. What if we told you conveying your message can be engaging, creative, AND cost-effective?

With explainer videos, you don’t have to choose between your budget and a training that actually engages your team. In fact, our studio specializes in video production for organizations that need to educate about some pretty important stuff and we’ve helped hundreds of clients create explainer videos for a wide range of topics – from data compliance to new insurance policies.

By using compelling narration and captivating visuals, explainer animations are able to be as entertaining and engaging as they are educational and informative. You should consider video production as a training tool, and here’s why:

Video Learning Really Works

The leading argument for using video in your trainings is retention, retention, retention.

At the end of the day, you’re taking precious time and resources to host this training with the intention some standard is extended to a certain group of people. It’s crucial that this group of people not only hears, but absorbs the information you’re presenting.

Check out the video below to learn how whiteboard animation leverages brain science to improve engagement and recall.

We’ve seen explainer videos work for countless clients (don’t believe us? See more success stories here.) It’s becaues video-based learning leads to stronger mental connections and long term retention by engaging multiple senses simultaneously.

Efficacy isn’t the only reason video is a leading choice for training, though:

Video Uses Creativity to Reach Your Audience

How do you keep training interesting and engaging while delivering all the most important information?

The answer is storytelling.

Storytelling is a crucial part of every video we produce at Next Day Animations – even training videos! That’s because stories help us relate. A great video provides great information, yes, but consider also style, tone and context.

Storytelling communicates with words AND emotions, helping your audience learn the information and form an opinion on it. Depending on how serious, somber, or wacky the subject is, a great script is highlighted by the images shown on the screen, often deepening the message. In other words, a strong script tells a compelling story.

Try creating training series based around storytelling if your goal is keeping audiences engaged!

Designed to use narrative to creatively display and demonstrate a message, animation has a bit more personality than text-based presentations. Our custom animators work to integrate components like brand colors, fonts, and logos, as well as designing custom characters that represent the community the video is designed to reach. When training videos are created effectively using animation, they are tools that employees use to truly connect and build deeper understandings.

Check out this Training Module we created for Grady Health: Interactive elements like the check-points, quizzes, and discussion questions featured in this series all contribute to keeping participants creativity engaged – and their retention high.

Accessible Training with Video Translations, Subtitles and Add-Ons

Another huge benefit of animation for internal messaging is the ROI. Things change fast in our globalized world, and you might be looking to reach folks spread out across mighty distances.

When it comes to things like trainings, it is totally necessary to use a production medium that is ready to move and shift with the times – just like you. Otherwise, you may find yourself back at square one before too long.

The content of a video is the same no matter where it’s viewed. With translations, subtitles, closed captions, audio descriptions, and mobile-friendly formats, videos can be made accessible to everyone anywhere. Video learning provides the same opportunities, access, and messaging to workers all over the world, including remote workers, speakers of different languages, and employees with visual impairments or who are deaf.

What is the Process of Creating a Training Video?

We’ve hammered home the idea of why a video training is a good idea. But what does it look like to put a plan like that into action?

Scripting a training video is a careful job, especially with sensitive content! Our expert writers take time at the outset of your planning process to get to know you during our Kick-Off call, alongside the video producers and illustrators on your project. This begins a meaningful step of using professionally crafted, persuasive scripting to bring your training goals to life.

Now that we have the roadmap developed in the discovery and scripting stage, it’s time to put it all together. Our professional crew of animators, illustrators, voice actors, producers and sound engineers get to work building a video or a series of videos that covers your topics.

Advertiser and Lead Generation expert Amit Jethva offers a compelling list of the ways explainer videos can increase sales:

Our process requires contributions from multiple teams – once the first version of your video is ready, you’ll have a chance to weigh in on what’s next. There is one round of revisions allowed at this stage, followed by two iterative rounds to ensure we have addressed any points from the prior rounds. Additionally, our team uses a great service for sharing comments and ideas that allow all the most important stakeholders on your team to weigh in.

Finally – final files are delivered and you’re offered the opportunity to connect with our fantastic “Post-Project Launch Services”, which can provide your team ideas and guidance related to using your video as effectively as possible!

Learn more about our signature Kick-Off Call – and the rest of Our Process – in this handy explainer video about Making Explainer Videos!

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