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Using Whiteboard Animation for Healthcare Videos

Title graphic reads: Using Whiteboard Animation for Healthcare Videos in black on a turquoise and red background featuring the Next Day Animations logos; a simple, sweet hand drawing of a small child holding a stethescope up to an older caregiver is the central image under the title.

There’s no way around it: navigating the healthcare system can be challenging.

Whether you’re a provider, a professional, or in patient support: your job requires getting important messages across to others, in a way that actually sticks. These messages aren’t always the most simple to convey, either.

The fact is, effective messaging in the healthcare industry has particularly high stakes: the impact of clear, actionable explanations can majorly effect people’s wellness.

With 13 years of experience, we’re pleased to offer an elegantly simple solution to the problem of complexity in the healthcare industry: the humble whiteboard video.

Today, we share several benefits of whiteboard animation for healthcare videos and break down the reasons why whiteboard video works so well for the highly detailed messaging of healthcare professions. Read on to learn more – and see examples – of whiteboard animation video for the healthcare industry.

Why Whiteboard Animation Works for Healthcare Video Production

Whiteboard animation is commonly regarded as one of the best mediums for the simplification of complex information.

In an industry where specifics are vital, whiteboard animation stands out for healthcare providers by breaking down intricate medical concepts into easily digestible visual narratives.

Healthcare videos often need to explain detailed processes, such as treatment plans, surgical procedures, or patient care instructions. These detailed processes must be broken down and visusalized to ensure comprehension. Furthermore, there are oftentimes actionable ‘next steps’ necessary for the viewer to understand.

Enter, of course, the video. In short: the visual and auditory elements combined in a whiteboard animation create a multisensory learning experience known to improve engagement. This is particularly beneficial for high-stakes scenarios like patient education, staff training, and healthcare video marketing.

Furthermore, whiteboard videos are like ‘brain candy’: althought the doodling hand animations may look simple, something incredible is happening in our brains when we view them.

As the viewer watches whiteboard drawings unfold on-screen, their brain naturally anticipates the resulting image.

Prefer video to text? Us too.

This explainer animation introduces the neuroscience behind whiteboard videos and audience retention.

Click here for more on Viewer Anticipation in our blog on the Neuroscience of Whiteboard Animations.

When their prediction eventually materializes, their brain releases the a reward chemical called dopamine. In neuroscientific theory, this concept – called Viewer Anticipation – suggests that our brains respond directly to animation with increaesd engagement. In short, when thoughtful scripting works hand-in-hand with colorful, on-screen movement, our brains are intrinsically activated. 

After viewers are drawn in, the paired audio and visual cues help to deepen connections and increase message retention, making target messages more understandable for patients, healthcare professionals, and administrative staff alike. 

What are the Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Video?

We’ve seen animation used by healthcare professionals in many different ways. The below factors are all benefits for the healthcare industry, no matter how the videos are employed.

Whiteboard Animations Increase Engagement

In this healthcare video created for Vanderbilt University Medical Center, providers can bring patients to an immediate understanding of the symptoms of colon cancer – and the actionable steps to take to prevent it – in under 2 minutes.

Designed to use narrative to creatively display and demonstrate a message, animation has more personality than text-based presentations. This article from Healthsight Media cites the use of ‘bright colors, dynamic characters, and compelling narratives’ to increase attention from audiences in comparison to other mediums.

Our custom animators work to integrate components like brand colors, fonts, and logos, as well as designing custom characters that represent the community the video is designed to reach.

Why? Because stories resonate most when we are able to see ourselves in them. Custom animation designed around your community has a greater impact on your viewer, helping your message stand out – and stick with them

Whiteboard Animations are Cost-Effective

Animated video offers an engaging alternative to infographics or pamphlets, with a high return on investment compared to filming live content.

A video can be easily updated each quarter or year as your data evolves, while your core message and mission remain consistent. With animation, you can easily tweak, add, or update details as things change, avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel (or reprint an entire syllabus).

For training or sharing policy information, video is much more economical than sending thick envelopes of paper or gathering all your employees in one place. Our studio even specializes in rare and common translations, subtitles, and accessability options including audio description.

You don’t have to choose between an engaging, expensive training and a cheaper, less impactful one. Video provides an engaging training solution at a reasonable cost. Get a quote, here.

Whiteboard Animations Represents Your Community

Whiteboard’s flexibilty is unparalleled, which proves invaluable for an industry as complex as healthcare. Your workplace and the populations you serve are rich in diversity, encompassing unique individuals who contribute to – and experience the world – in unique ways. Recognizing this, client collaboration on branding and character development is a crucial part of our video production process.

With whiteboard animation, Ensuring animated characters resonate with the populations we aim to represent further enhances authenticity and impact of each video project. This is because the stories we see ourselves in have a way of sticking in our hearts, and our minds. The ability to handcraft characters your target audience relates to is an important benefit of whiteboard animation. Click here to read our blog that dives deeper into representation in animation.


an animated logo consisting of a jovial bouncing ball completing a community

Our studio specializes in the development of comprehensive campaigns across digital or traditional media, as well as custom branding such as this animated logo.

Beyond character development, animation can easily integrate the unique branding of a healthcare organization, making whiteboard animation a versatile choice for various healthcare video production needs. The first step in our tried-and-true process is always a personal kick-off call with your entire team, dedicated to helping our producers understand with crystal clarity the problem your video will solve and who your audience is.

How We’ve Seen it Done: Healthcare Explainer Video Examples

Here are some examples of healthcare videos we’ve seen employed by organizations such as hospitals, clinics, HR & Training scenarios, and more:

Video Training Modules for Healthcare Professionals

Training healthcare professionals is no small feat, especially when considering the complex and ever-evolving nature of medical knowledge and practices. Animation simplifies this process by breaking down intricate information into engaging and digestible content.

A well-crafted video has the power to transform a dense training manual into an interactive and enjoyable learning experience. This approach not only aids in better retention of information but also saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on repetitive in-person training sessions.

The flexibility of video allows for easy updates and customization, ensuring that your training materials remain current with the latest guidelines and best practices. You can also translate videos into as many languages as necessary to support your entire organization, regardless of breadth: a must in our increasingly globalized world.

In this training video series, familiar characters walk the audience through a number of situations, illuminating policies and best practices in an engaging and memorable way.

Click here to see more from this project.

Additionally, sharing the training tools widely need not require extensive printing materials, shipping and handling, or gathering your team together. Simply share the video file, and celebrate the simplicity of animation.

Healthcare Video for Fundraisers, Galas and Events

Healthcare professionals often juggle numerous high-priority tasks, and events like fundraisers or galas can be challenging to prepare for amidst all the other work going on. However, fundraising is critical for supporting research, patient care, and community initiatives.

Whiteboard animation offers a compelling solution for events that presents your cause – and call to action – in a way that is easy to understand and visually appealing.

What’s more: your video is easy to share after the event in an email blast, on social media, and more. The simplicity and utility of whiteboard animation ensure that the core message is clear and memorable, significantly enhancing the overall impact of your mission.

This whiteboard animation is informative and activating, encouraging the viewer to be a part of the community to and join the fight against Parkinson’s Disase. Video has proven impact on conversion, which drives the audience to register, donate, or fundraise to fight Parkinson’s.

Patient Education Videos

Educating patients on managing their health conditions is a critical task for healthcare professionals.

Videos are invaluable in a clinical setting where time with each patient is limited. They can be viewed repeatedly, ensuring that patients have access to the information whenever they need a refresher. Moreover, these healthcare videos can be distributed across various platforms, including clinic websites, social media, and patient portals, making them a versatile tool in patient education.

By incorporating whiteboard animation into healthcare video marketing strategies, professionals can enhance patient understanding and compliance, ultimately leading to better health outcomes and more informed patient communities.

This educational, succinct animation on vaccine healthcare exemplifies the power of an explainer video: through the introduction of relateable characters and a narrative viewers can see themselves in, clarity is provided for patients.

Are you ready to leverage our professional healthcare video production to improve outcomes at your organization?

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