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Mission Statements that Stand Out: Explainer Videos for Your Mission Statement

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What makes a mission statement stand out?

All companies and organizations are guided by aspirations, purpose, and values. A good mission statement comprises all of these things, serving as your organization’s heartbeat and north star. Your mission is deeply nuanced, often long standing, and speaks to your core values and vision. All that in just a short, succinct sentence. 

So how do you manage to get all of that across?

We’ll give you a hint: a mission statement that stands out uses the same magic as the mighty explainer video.

A good mission statement uses creativity and expert eloquence to express your purpose in a succinct, engaging statement that is clear to understand.

Plus, an animation can enhance a mission statement with visuals and narration that go beyond the mission statement itself. It gives organizations an opportunity to expand on and explain the why behind the mission, while also allowing the statement to speak for itself. 

We wrote this blog post in 2020 to list some of the polices we’ve implemented as a result of our core values.

In this blog, we highlight some video projects we’ve worked on that highlight this magic. These examples demonstrate how sharing your mission with an explainer video is an incredible, effective way for organizations, non-profits, and corporations to share their story with their key audience. 

A video is an excellent way to make your mission statement stand out. Here’s how we’ve seen it done:

Mission Statement Example: the National Juvenile Defender Center

Challenge: Our mission is complex and multi-faceted.

Solution: Focus on why your mission makes a difference.

This whiteboard animation highlights the positive potential in the abolishment of juvenile charges, simplifying the complexities behind NJDC’s mission.

One of the greatest challenges in creating a mission statement is explaining your ‘why.’ Whether you are a nonprofit organization, a small business, or a corporation, there is a concrete purpose motivating your mission.

This explainer video succeeds at establishing a clear mission statement for the National Juvenile Defender Center. It sets up the ‘why’ by providing clear examples of the harms caused by juvenile sentencing. Then, the script pivots towards offering a demonstrated, strategic solution in the National Juvenile Defender Center. 

By the end of the video, the viewer has a clear understanding of the mission of the NJDC and understands exactly why their mission is important.

Mission Statement Example: InterFaith Works

Challenge: Our mission needs to move people into action.

Solution: Help people understand all of the incredible things you do.


InterFaith Works needed to garner direct financial support for their mission. They work in Central New York to affirm the dignity of community members through the creation of loving, equitable communities.

Support to InterFaith Works covers a huge range of activities, all contributing to their mission in ways that add up. Food assistance and refugee resettlement were just the tip of the iceberg.

Here at Next Day Animations, expert script writers work personally with each client to drill down and focus on expressing the heart of your story. Custom animation then brings succinct scripts to the next level, by fleshing out the ideas and adding important details that push the viewer to see themselves in your story.

In the end, you have a tool that is quick to use, but packs an exceptional amount of information into a viewing: all in a medium that is enjoyable to engage with.

An animation solves the problem of fitting all of your incredible efforts in by doubling the amount of ‘surface area’ available to show off what it is you do. 

Mission Statement Example: VillageReach

Challenge: Our mission needs to be accessible in many languages or locations.

Solution: Use animated video to maximize the flexibility of your mission.


VillageReach is an international organization doing health equity work in places as far-reaching as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Malawi.

No matter where they are doing their life-saving work, their mission is the same: ensure globally equitable access to healthcare. Yet delivering their services, and explaining their mission while they do it, requires shaping their tools to suit their location.

Not only to we offer translation services, but our studio can make a video as fast as you need us to. Need to reach your audience right away? Read more about our rush projects here.

These videos, scripted to highlight the mission of VillageReach, were translated into two additional languages as part of VillageReach’s project with our team at Next Day Animations. 

If you’re a big company or organization, your mission statement needs to work on a grand scale. This often means careful consideration about things like language, culture, accessibility, and representation.

The content of a video is the same no matter where it’s viewed. With translations, subtitles, closed captions, audio descriptions, and mobile-friendly formats, videos can be made accessible to everyone anywhere. 

Challenge: making your mission statement stand out.

Solution: Call Next Day Animations today!


Thanks for reading and checking out some of our best mission statement video examples. Follow this link to see more of Our Work.

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