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Innovating Innovation: Additions to the Next Day Animations Artistic Team!

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

It requires courage, new ideas, and fresh minds.

Synergy, tenacity, redundancy, followed with another round of synergy.

That’s why we’re excited to announce additions to our artistic team.

These are literally the freshest artists in the industry. And they’re ready to share styles that no animation shop currently offers.

Without further ado, we’re honored to introduce the freshest faces at Next Day Animations:


Reese’s art draws on inspiration from materials used: Primarily glue, scissors and glitter (unfortunately banned from her artists’ residency). She also has honed her skills with permanent marker in combination with found objects. Reese’s perspective is grounded in curiosity, posing the question “Why?” more frequently than other artists.


Vivi’s artwork is primarily conceptual, daring authority to tell her “No!” It’s uninhibited, improvisational and she’s the kind of artist who, when done with a crayon, will feed it to the dog.

The Cohrs Duo: Vega & Zaphod

Vega specializes in dragons, cats, and fantastical fashion designs.  Her body of work includes portraits drawn while the subject is sleeping and unaware. She is also branching out into large scale custom marker tattoos.

Zaphod excels in stop motion animation, video editing, and Photoshop collages. His primary subjects include LEGO and cats. When not working digitally, Zaphod can be found dismantling found objects for sculptural pieces. (Which tend to stay strewn around his home-based studio, left for others to clean.)

The Cohrs Duo are ready to bring your explainer animation to life, with only minimal breaks for passionate discussions about who called who what name, who started it, and declarations of “stop looking at me”.

Image of a scribbly child's drawing

Available Now: Freestyle postmodern scribbling explainers.

Coming in Summer 2019: Fantasy/Evil Explainer Style


Here at Next Day Animations, we’re thrilled about the new perspectives our new artists will lend to this work.

And they, in turn, are thrilled to eat pizza and goldfish crackers at the office.

Welcome, new artists!