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More Than A Mission Statement: How Our Values Shape Our Business

By October 16, 2020October 19th, 2020Whiteboard Animation
Title reads "More Than a Mission Statement" in Black letters on a white background surrounded by small digital icons; subtitle: How our Values Shape Our Business

We’re a values-based company – everything we do, and the way we do it, is in alignment with our core values of Clarity, Partnership, Inventiveness, and Authenticity.

There are a few different ways we hold ourselves accountable to these values. One way is to maintain our B Corp status.

B Corp is a certification granted to for-profit companies who meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, community, and the environment.

Here are some policies we’ve implemented because they help us keep our B Corp status, and because they’re the right things to do:

  • Ongoing Anti-Racism training
  • Bike and public transit subsidies (we recently became certified as a Bicycle-Friendly Business!)
  • Company-wide time off for Volunteering
  • Increased PTO, including for part-time employees
  • Banking with a local credit union
  • Inclusive hiring policy
  • Charitable programs, like our Grant and Scholarship
  • Environmental policy
  • Remote work flexibility (thank goodness this was already in place before COVID, amiright?)
  • Excellent high to low pay ratio
  • A high percentage of women in management
  • Retirement account contributions, including Socially Responsible Investing Options

But that’s not the only way we measure success. The real proof is in our work culture, and how that culture influences our work with clients.

Our work culture is collaborative and generous. We make a point of shouting out achievements, and not being afraid to learn from our failures. We keep our process simple and authentic – no extra hoops to jump through, no fancy patented project tool full of buzzwords, just a tried and true process that we adapt to each project to make it great. We show up for each other and our clients in authentic ways, which makes our clients feel like they can show up authentically with us, too. And guess what – that makes the work authentic. Consumers can sniff out fakeness within ten seconds of pressing Play on a video, so that authenticity goes a long way towards the effectiveness of the animations we make.

Living our core values every day makes Next Day Animations a great place to work. It also makes us fun to work with. And – importantly! – it makes an excellent final product. Some recent client feedback illustrates why we’re uniquely positioned to make a wide array of projects come to life:

“The team was professional and creative. They had great ideas to translate our desires for the video into something that tells a story, gives information, and is [customer]-friendly. We were also incredibly impressed with their timeline! The team responded to us right away, kept the project on a timeline, and did a great job implementing our feedback at each project point.” 

How do we do it? Clarity, Partnership, Inventiveness, and Authenticity in every step! We know it sounds like a weird cult, but our core values drive our business practices because they really work.  Each decision – what kinds of people are represented in a video, how to fit a massive project into a tight timeline, how we hire employees, what software we use internally and with clients, our pricing – is seen through the lens of our values, and you can tell.

If you’re ready to make your big idea come to life in a way that looks good and feels good, call us. We’re excited to help you tell your story!