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Civic Action Day 2020

Last week we hosted a *virtual* Civic Action Day to replace the in-person volunteer day we’ve had in the past. We spent half a day working on a project related to civic engagement, with virtual meet ups to kick off the day and debrief. With just a few days left until the election, civic engagement is more important than ever. Here are some of the projects our team took on:

“Several of us spent some time writing postcards for the Sunrise Movement, a youth led organization advocating for political action on climate change. With the wildfires affecting my family and friends, not to mention massive stretches of wild and non-wild land, it felt especially important to take some time to be helpful and engaged. I’m glad that we have opportunities like this at work to be involved, and take part in something bigger than ourselves.” – Maya, Designer

“I sent postcards through Postcards to Voters to help GOTV in close races around the U.S. The artwork is by Mary Hawkins.” – Sage, Productions Lead

“I spent time text-banking potential voters through Resistance Labs. Through their platform, I was able to text 1,000 voters in swing states to encourage them and provide resources to help them vote! It was so easy and satisfying, I definitely plan to do more. The best part was how many people responded that they had already voted!” – Hannah, Marketing and HR Director

Other projects included:

  • Reaching out to friends and family encouraging them to vote
  • Donating books to the library at George Floyd Square
  • Writing letters to legislators 
  • Signing our business on to public pledges like 100% in For Democracy
  • Donating to local mutual aid funds

While not the same as our in-person volunteer days, this experience had us stepping back and thinking creatively about how to engage with our communities. There’s still so much we can do to strengthen our communities and democracy, even at a distance!