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Our Values

By September 30, 2016December 3rd, 2021Whiteboard Animation, Next Day Animations

A few weeks ago we had our bi-annual staff retreat. One of our priorities was crafting value and culture statements. Our values are important to us and shape the way we work. We are proud of our work culture and are glad to (finally) have the words to share it with the outside world! Without further ado, here is our statement of values and culture:

Our Values

Partnership: We are committed to mutual growth and success of our clients and team members. We work collaboratively and build strong relationship with people and organizations we believe in.

Inventiveness: We are creative problem solvers; we enjoy trying new ideas while crafting solutions that are effective, smart and fun.

Clarity: We practice simplicity in both the way we work and the work we produce.

Authenticity: We strive to be genuine in our communication, human to human, while finding the story and telling it with heart.


Our Culture

We take a playful approach to work and believe it’s okay to make mistakes. We learn as we go, celebrate our accomplishments and maintain a flexible work/life balance.

We call this collaborative-autonomy: where we combine our strengths, set clear expectations and work together with openness and trust.