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The Six Types of Whiteboard Animations for Your Business… Plus Two Bonus Types!

So you’re ready for an animated video. But how do you know exactly what kind of explainer to make?

Here’s our handy guide to six common types of videos:

1. The Overview Explainer Animation

Length: ~2-3 minutes

How to use it: Works as your video elevator pitch

Summarize what your whole organization is up to and what makes you different from the rest.

Overview explainers won’t typically dive into the “how”, but instead stays focused on the “why” you do what you do— we’re giving the big picture in terms of emotions here.

2. The Pre-roll Ad

Length: 15-60 seconds

How to use it: Get attention… fast

We know, we know! You want to get to that YouTube vid of the kitten doing the latest dance craze while laughing wildly in a Chewbacca mask. (Me too.)

That’s what makes the 15 to 30 second pre-roll ad that shows before a YouTube video so effective (and just sliiiiiiightly annoying). You’ve got a built-in audience. Plus, these animations can be targeted to a specific audience and an extremely cost-effective way to get folks to your site.

3. The Specific Product Video

Length: 90 seconds-3 minutes

How to use it: Focusing in on your audience’s problem (and how you solve it)

Typically this type of vid is what we talk about when we talk about advertising. This animation will live on your product page and take that deep dive (now you can think “submarine”) into what makes your specific widget right for your audience. Get into the nitty-gritty if you want. And we’ll always work to tell the right emotional story that speaks to your customers’ needs.

4. The Campaign Update Animation

Length: 2-3 minutes

How to use it: Great for encouraging social media sharing

At Next Day Animations, we pride ourselves on working with organizations that are doing meaningful work in the world. And campaign animations are perfect for organizations that have updates or seasonal campaigns they’re focused on.

Trying to champion a new tax policy without putting everyone to sleep?

We got you covered.

Protecting our natural resources?

Yep. We agree. And we got you.

Working day in and day out to make sure children aren’t tried and incarcerated as adults?

You’re our hero. And we got you.

These types of animations are timely, and they’re effective. Give us your campaign, and we’ll give you a whiteboard animation that will help you to advocate for your cause.

5. Holiday Greeting Videos

Length: 15-60 seconds

How to use it: show appreciation for clients, employees, vendors, and, well, anyone you wanna send it to.

The big companies do it. Why not you?

Creating short, fun animations that spread good cheer are great for sharing with your clients on different holidays.

They’ll keep you on your clients’ radar.

They’ll show that you’re human.

They’re nicer than sending a fruitcake.

6. Internal Training Animation

Length: 2-10 minutes

How to use it: Provide consistent training across your entire enterprise

(Sorry… no sample because these are top secret!)

You’re rolling out a new product for your company. Or, lucky you, you’re expanding and bringing in some new team members. You’re colleagues are all in the room. You’ve got a captive audience…

Please, we’re all begging you, don’t give it to Arnold from HR! Instead, let you’re team members watch something shiny: a brand new training video from Next Day Animations, one that lays out your goals and values as a company in a fresh and captivating manner.

I know we said 6 types, but we can’t help ourselves… here are two bonus types!

7. Presentations

Length: Multiple 5-45 second videos 

How to use them: insert into your PowerPoint

Looking for a way to spice up your old presentation (or give yourself a water break halfway through)? We can work with you to convert it into engaging mini-animations to insert directly into your slide deck.

Bada bing, bada boom. You have their attention.

8. Advocacy and Fundraising

Length: 1-2 minutes

How to use them: Ask for what you need

Whether it’s a petition you need people to sign, or a certain dollar amount you’re looking to raise, a video can help make your case. We have a lot of thoughts on how video can help you reach your fundraising goals!

Want help figuring out what kind of explainer animation is right for you? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss.