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Explainer Animations for Fundraising: 5 Ways to Win Over Donors

If you work for a nonprofit organization, you know how important fundraising is. Successfully appealing to donors is key to the health of non-profit. But sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to get through all the meetings, calls, and letters, and it can be just as exhausting to figure out the most compelling way to make your pitch. Whether your organization relies on a steady stream of donations, a handful of major gifts, or a combination, the pressure is on.

Here are five ways explainer animations can make your fundraising strategy a bit easier, while winning over donors and bringing in the big bucks.

Show Don’t Tell

It’s classic advice. Why explain how important their donation is when you can show the impact? Animations can help you put a face on the issue you are raising money for. Or they can show exactly what that $100 donation will provide for someone in need.

Pull On Heartstrings

People are most likely to give when they are feeling emotional. Animation can help you draw out the emotional side of the story you are telling, and can provide a solution to help people live out their value. Feeling outraged by this situation? There’s something you can do to help.

Expand Your Ask

What if in the time it takes you to make one appeal to a potential donor, you could make one hundred appeals? One thousand? With animation, you can easily share your appeal with your qualified audience (think social media or your mailing list).

Save Time For Connection

And what will you do with all the time saved from item 3? Connect with your important donors of course! We know nothing can really replace genuine, human to human connection when it comes to building relationships with donors. Animation can help free up time in your schedule to build relationships with your key donors.

Say Thank You

It always feels good to be appreciated. Use an animation to give a special thanks to your donors. Include details like how much was raised in a particular campaign, and what exactly that money will fund. You can even include photographs or illustrations of specific donors in the video. Special touches like this are what will keep a donor coming back to give, year after year.