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Raise More Money with an Explainer Video

Fundraising is a crucial component of many businesses.  Community support can mean the difference between success and failure, whether it’s a start-up looking for investors, a nonprofit looking to support its programming, an arts organization looking for patrons, or a small business trying to recover from, say, a global pandemic.  So, how can an explainer video help put money in the bank?

The video can travel the world – so you don’t have to

A video can be sent in an email, used in a Sales pitch, embedded in a newsletter or blog post, shared on social media, and otherwise distributed to all corners of the globe… without someone on your team having to accompany it. When you want your message to reach as many people as possible, and drive engagement with the global community, video is the way to go. And with subtitles, language doesn’t have to be a barrier to absorbing your message.

A video is your elevator pitch

Even when you love what you do, it can be exhausting to repeat the same spiel over and over again. If you’re meeting with potential donors, investors, patrons, and other folks who might be interested in donating to your cause, you know how hard it is to keep your pitch fresh when you’ve done it approximately seven thousand times. That’s where an explainer video saves the day – you just have to perfect your pitch once, turn it into a video, and let the explainer do the rest. A video is engaging, consistent, and fresh every time.

Video appeals to many types of learners

Some people need to hear something to process it; others need to see it represented visually; still others need to read it. A video can do all three at the same time, with a soundtrack underneath that adds an emotional oomph to your message. A good explainer video is crafted in a way that drives action – the voiceover, images, music, length, style, color scheme, everything works together to build excitement and engagement.

Video is accessible

Subtitles, audio descriptions, and accessible fonts can easily be added to a video, making your message accessible to everyone. No one should miss out on the opportunity to get excited about your cause because of a disability.

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