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4 Ways Our Business Contributes to a More Sustainable World

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Earth Day arrives each Spring, and with it arrives a call to reflect: what are we doing – as individuals, communities, and organizations – to ensure the longevity of the planet we call home?

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100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, according to the Guardian. Business and industry are the largest sources of greenhouse gasses overall.

This means that businesses have an important role to play in creating a greener, healthier world. As a certified B Corporation, both sustainability and climate justice are built into our business model. 

And here at Next Day, we know that making change is often as simple as sharing a great idea.

This Earth Day, we want to share 4 simple things our business does to contribute to a more sustainable world. We hope you’ll consider them and share your ideas and efforts with us.

Sustainability Tip #4: Offering remote work options

Even before the pandemic pivoted many companies towards remote work, our team practiced a hybrid process. Having a studio made up of the best script writers, producers, and illustrators in the country (and beyond it!) means remote work has always been a part of our organization.

Of course, fewer people driving cars to work means less CO2 released into the atmosphere. 

Not having to cool and heat an office also saves energy. And with half of our team in Minnesota, where it stays below zero degrees Fahrenheit for a couple of weeks each year, we are saving a noticeable amount of energy!

A person slides down a snowy hill on a sled

Some below-freezing fun during our most recent NDA retreat in MN!

Not to mention all of those smaller benefits we don’t often think about, like being able to wear sweat pants because no one sees us below the waist (which means we’ve purchased way less denim, the production of which is really bad for the environment.) We even made this video with our best tips and tricks for working from home!

Sustainability Tip #3: Subsidizing bicycle costs and other green transportation options

We are a Bicycle Friendly Business, which means we are dedicated to policies that support and empower our team to bike. We offer an annual reimbursement for bike-related expenses, including tune-ups, repairs, and … buying a bike! 

We want to make it as easy as possible for our team to have access to biking as an alternative to driving and just a super fun way to get around. Check out these pictures on our Instagram from National Bike to Work Day, and learn more about the League’s Bicycle Friendly Business program at

Sustainability Tip #2: Moving towards zero waste

As a creator of a digital product, we produce very little waste in the process of doing what we do. But that doesn’t mean we can’t think about our impact: we are dedicated to doing our part to keep waste out of harmful landfills and incinerators. 

We are committed composters, recyclers, upcyclers, bicyclers, any kind of cycle you can think of we’re probably into it. 

Check out this Climate Justice toolkit created by the B Labs, which feature individual level and business level resources for moving towards zero waste (and much more.)

Sustainability Tip #1: Supporting environmental partners in the crucial work they do

We saved our favorite suggestion for last.

Just like it’s our job to create engaging explainers, there are many folks out there who have dedicated their careers – and lives – to environmentalism. 

The number one way that each of us can truly support the efforts to protect our planet is to listen to & learn from experts in the field who know what they’re talking about. 

Participating in a more sustainable world means prioritizing the needs of the planet, the voices of the historically unheard stakeholders, and investing in local communities.

A young woman passes a globe to a small childIf your business has the power to listen to, and uplift, the invaluable work of sustainability champions, your business has the power to propel our fight towards a greener Earth.

Enjoy this playlist we created to honor some of the incredible projects we’ve worked on over the years that relate to sustainability and our planet!

Happy Earth Day!


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