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Animation for Brand Storytelling

A book is open to it's center, where a burst of light emits - title reads 'Brand Storytelling: Strengthen Your Brand With Animation"

Storytelling is a well-respected strategy when it comes to brand marketing: draw your audience in, engage them emotionally, and inspire their behaviors to follow those emotions. 

When it comes to strengthening your brand, telling your audience your brand’s story is an effective way to gain their trust and buy-in, while also showing what makes you, you.

If you want brand storytelling to work for you, you need clarity on how to best make your story compelling and engaging.

That’s where animated video comes in. It may be no secret that storytelling can help you strengthen your brand, but animation is a key tool for skyrocketing the impact of your story. Animation allows you to share stories with higher engagement and conversion than standard talking heads interviews (and at a fraction of the cost of trying to shoot live footage). 

Read on for our list of five ways storytelling with animated video can strengthen your brand:

Frame your brand’s story from your audience’s point of view

When it comes to sharing your brand’s story, guess who’s the hero? (Hint: It’s not your brand.)

It’s the audience. So tell your brand’s story from their point of view. First, you’ll need to emotionally describe the problem or pain they’re experiencing. Once you’ve set up the problem, you’re ready to lead the audience to the solution. 

“So if my brand is the solution, how come I’m not the hero?”

Great question! Your audience is the hero for finding and implementing your solution. Your brand is empowering them to be able to save the day. See the difference?

Easily create characters that are relatable to your audience

With animation, you don’t need to hire a full cast of actors to create imagery that is inclusive. Simply consider your target audience, and collaborate with our talented illustrators to design a cast of characters that aligns with the world your brand represents.

a community of people gather beneath the 'Parkinson's Unity Walk' logo

A screenshot from our Whiteboard video with Parkinson’s Unity Walk; click for full video.

Bonus points for selecting a voiceover artist and background music that perfectly round out the vibe. At our studio, we’ll help you select the right professional voiceover artist and high-quality background music to enhance the authenticity of your message.

Leverage neuroscience to your advantage

Studies show we retain information more effectively when both our auditory and visual senses are stimulated, as well as when humor and surprises are strategically leveraged.

Our expert script writers are skilled at distilling your message to get to the heart of your brand identity, and our illustrators work hand-in-hand with them to add fluid movement, exciting colors, and brand-aligned imagery that helps viewers crystalize the information they are hearing. 

By the time your video is wrapping up, your audience will be left with a multi-dimensional understanding of who your brand is, and how it can improve their lives. 

Animation brings your branding to life

Animated video allows you to easily extend your brand standards and maximize your brand’s potential. You’re able to infuse your brand colors, taglines, logos and other signifiers throughout your content in unique ways. 

an animated logo consisting of a jovial bouncing ball completing a community

An animated logo we created for ‘UpTogether’; click for similar projects.

Using your marketing content in creative ways like brand storytelling allows your audience to view your brand as an identity rather than a commodity.

Edit and update with ease

Things change. Any good organization knows that good business means continuing to adapt and grow as you learn. 

Animated content easily lends itself to updates and changes, ahem, “pivots” in your branding and messaging. Choosing animation for brand storytelling means that you don’t need to worry about starting from square one when you decide to refine your story – and you don’t need to drum up thousands of extra dollars for brand new content, either.

If you’re still not convinced that animation is the right choice for strengthening your brand storytelling, check out this playlist below with some of our best animations for marketing.