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Trick or Treat: Tasty Tips for Making an Explainer Video and Spooky Mistakes To Avoid

‘Tis the season for spooks and haunts, tricks and treats, ghouls and ghosts. While our industry doesn’t normally deal in the paranormal (or even the vaguely unsettling), we have seen our share of explainer video horror stories. Over the years we’ve learned the tastiest best practices and the absolute scariest pitfalls to avoid.

Tasty Tips

Show, Don’t Tell

There’s a reason this is repeated so often is may sound cliche. Use images, emotions and stories to weave together your case, rather than listing facts or features.

Make it Accessible

From language to location to ability, there’s a lot to consider when making your video accessible to as large an audience as possible. If you’re thinking about these things from the beginning, your video will reach more people.

Go Pro with Your Voiceover

Professional Voice Actors are just that: professional. They know how to make your brand look and sound good. Though there are times that it makes sense to narrate your own video, we almost always recommend using one of our pros. Trust us – it makes a difference.

Spooky Mistakes

Making It all About You (Instead of your Audience)

Sure, you are making a video to show off your awesome organization. But to really persuade people, they need to see what’s in it for them. Make sure to frame your video in a way that will connect with your audience, not just tell them who you are.

Being Too Generic

When producing an animation, you will at some point make a decision between custom and cookie cutter. While cookie cutter might save you money, it will also do little to set you apart. Creating custom videos with original artwork and scripting allows you to tell your unique story in the most you way possible.

Doing Too Much

When it comes to communication, there’s not much animation can’t help you with. Unless you are trying to pack tons of dense information into one never-ending animation. We recommend breaking down your content into the most important nuggets of info, data, or meaning. Multiple videos to explain the most important things is so much more effective than a 20-minute explainer packed to the brim with details that people don’t really need to know.