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How video-based learning helps teams connect and grow

There’s… a lot going on right now. At first it seemed like working remotely was a temporary solution to an unprecedented global pandemic, but now it’s looking like it won’t end anytime soon. Many businesses may never go back to working from an office 100% of the time, even after a COVID vaccine has been distributed.

As our workplaces evolve (anyone else finally replace their old couch with a real desk chair?), how are you keeping remote teams engaged with each other and the work? And what’s the plan for transitioning back to working from an office, even if it’s just part time?

Let’s talk about a few of the ways that video-based learning fosters communication, connection, and growth, whether your team is in the same room or not.


Whether it’s a new working-from-home policy, an update to safety protocols, the rollout of a new software or intranet, or some other change that needs to be communicated across your whole organization, video can help.

An explainer video ensures that many people all get the exact same message, no matter where they’re located. Sharing out a video ensures that everyone has the same expectations and baseline understanding of the changes ahead.

Video can also smooth the transition from in-person to digital gatherings. Is your all-staff retreat moving online? Try incorporating video. Planning a digital gala or online fundraiser? Video is a polished, engaging, and clear way to share your successes or ask for what you need.


When you use video as part of your learning process, your whole team – no matter what languages they speak or where they’re located – can be included. Subtitles and closed captioning make videos accessible to everyone, and the combination of visual and audio storytelling means that different learning styles are all served.

Use video to spark discussions and facilitate communication between and among different teams. Video can help people feel unified as they rally behind one clear message or purpose, even when they are scattered across the world (or just across town). The power of purpose can’t be underestimated, and video is a compelling way to remind your team why they’re here in the first place.


An organization is only as good as the people who work there. How do you keep developing your team, even during a global crisis? (And afterwards?) How do you keep trainings fresh, fun and memorable? Animation can share your message concisely, while retaining people’s attention. Animation is also great at lightening the mood, which actually helps people focus and retain what they are seeing and hearing. (The research proves this!)

Videos can be shared across platforms and across cultures. They can easily be embedded in an email, on a website, or in your Learning Management System (LMS). Your people and your organization don’t have to become stagnant just because you’re working remotely – video can help people learn, grow, and stay engaged even from a distance.

If you’re ready to incorporate video-based learning into your organization, give us a call!