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5 Video Marketing Trends Every Digital Marketer Needs To Know

By May 22, 2020June 16th, 2020Marketing, Communication and Strategy

With the rise of social media and digital marketing, there’s been a lot of talk about companies “pivoting to video”. But creating effective video marketing is more than just producing a video. To use video marketing successfully, you need to create powerful videos that meet people where they are. 

Here are five video marketing trends to keep in mind as you plan your video marketing strategy.

1. Youtube is a Search Engine

Google may be the first place you think to search for something on the internet, but YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And depending on your audience YouTube might be a better way to find them: across all platforms, YouTube reaches more U.S. consumers 18-49 in an average week than all cable TV networks combined. If you want your company, product, or service to have a presence on the internet, you have to be creating quality video content.

2. Mobile-Friendly Video

If you aren’t optimizing your video so people can watch it on their phones, you’re missing out on 62% of your audience. Mobile has surpassed desktop as the preferred way of watching video. And of the people watching video on their phones, the majority of them are finding content via YouTube (see #1 above)!

3. Viewers Have Higher Standards

As it becomes easier for anyone with a cool idea to make a video with their mobile phone and some cheap, downloadable software, consumers are becoming more discerning as viewers. Your pieced-together, not-optimized-for-mobile, in-house job is not going to be as effective as a professionally-made video. Take it from us – hiring a professional voiceover artist, and having a solid script, are completely worth it.

4. 95% Retention

People retain 95% of a message when they see it in a video, versus when they read it as text. That’s… a big difference. We’re not telling you to stop writing content completely (you are reading this on a blog…), but consider how and when you’re using written information and how and when you’re using video. Need ideas for how to use your video once it’s completed? Check out a few suggestions.

5. COVID-19 Has Changed the Landscape of the Internet

We are all adjusting to working from home and accessing resources in new ways (here are some tips from our team to yours)! No one can say for certain what will happen post-pandemic, but some companies are already talking about making remote work a permanent part of their work cultures. With all of us staying home, we’re using the internet for work, school, and entertainment. An eye-catching explainer video that’s entertaining and informative, especially if it gives someone a chuckle, is valuable – and highly share-able. We can’t imagine this will be any less true once this is all over.

Successful video marketing is about so much more than creating video content; it’s about quality, strategy, and engagement. With these trends in mind, you’ll be able to craft effective and compelling marketing videos to take your organization’s digital marketing to the next level.