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Three Unique Ways To Share Your Explainer Video

When you’ve put time and energy, sweat and blood into an explainer video, you want to get the most out of it. You want to share it with your audience in a way that will stick. Unfortunately, a few things can stand in your way:

  • Lack of time to sit and think creatively about how to delight and engage.
  • Lack of time to do comprehensive research on your audience and their viewing habits.
  • Lack of time to experiment with trying new things when you need results NOW(ish).

We know you’re busy!

So, we’re here to help. We’re happy to support you with consultations on communication strategy, but we also want to share some of the cleverest ideas we’ve encountered recently. Read on for four unique ways to share your video.

  1. Slow build across social media.
    Social media videos are often 30 seconds or less, which doesn’t give you much time to explain anything. Luckily, their shortness has other perks. They operate like trailers for the feature film, hooking your audience. So why not capitalize on this hook across a series of videos? You can explain bits of your story along the way. If your video is narrative, it will give your followers a chance to get attached to the characters they meet along the way.
  2. Reverse-explain through quizzes and games.
    Explainer videos are a great way to connect to your staff. You can share them across an LMS, email, slack––you name it. When you’re sharing a video, why not make it more interactive? You can create a series or include breaks in the video for quizzes and games. This increases retention and audience engagement. Plus you can bring it to in person meetings for a true game show experience. Soon your staff will be the explainers.
  3. Make it a full sensory experience.
    Ok. Ok. This one’s a little wild, but bear with me. We’re on the brink of a 4D revolution. So, why not bring people into your video? For example, your audience could experience the product from your video while watching. You could spritz the scent of pie charts through the room or bring in live versions of the illustrated puppies! Famed marketer Seth Godin talks about the Purple Cow––aka an idea so unusual that it gains a loyal cult following. Puppies and explainer videos could be your purple cow. Bring them to a gala or trade show or wherever the 4D revolution is taking place next.

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