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Animation as a Powerful Fundraising Tool

By October 21, 2016November 2nd, 2016Whiteboard Animation, Nonprofit

So, it’s almost November. It’s about time to kick up your organization’s fundraising efforts as you prepare for year-end solicitations and holiday giving. Your organization relies on donations, and now’s the time to cook up some strategies to maximize donations.

Here’s a thought: Stories are powerful. A well-told story can move a person to tears, to laughter, sadness, or joy. Not only do humans feel the powerful effects of stories — but they crave and love stories. Philip Pullman said “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” In their many forms, stories are a deep part of what makes us human.

Especially during this sentimental time of year, using stories to appeal to people’s emotions can help boost donations. If people are moved by your cause, they are more likely to get out their check books. And animation is a beautiful way to tell your story: It is more cost-effective than live film, it is a playful and sincere medium, and it is highly shareable and digestible. A fundraising video can easily be shared with your email lists, on social media, on your website, or at a live event.

We’re all about showing-not-telling here at Next Day Animations. Here’s a story-based fundraising video we made for the United Way to show you what we mean.

United Way: No Stranger to Kindness

This video tells the story of a community that is rooted in kindness and lending a hand. It goes on to connect this ethic to the work that the United Way does, and shows that everyday people can help, too — by making a recurring contribution.

The video spells out exactly what a contribution means to the community (for example — $2/week for a year adds up to 48 books for pre-school students!). This specificity is a great strategy. When people can connect their donation to something specific, they are more likely to contribute and take pride in that choice.

In connecting the work of the United Way to a greater narrative of kindness, generosity, and community, this video encourages people to join in by contributing financially.

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