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Announcing Year Two Of Animations To Change The World

By March 2, 2018March 30th, 2018Whiteboard Animation

Last year, we launched Animations To Change The World, a grant program in which nonprofit organizations could apply for a free fully-produced two-minute explainer animation. Now, we’re back for year two and couldn’t be more excited!

Why a grant program?

  • We love working with nonprofits. Many members of our team are passionate about social justice and environmental issues. Working alongside organizations with missions we care about makes our work more meaningful.
  • For many nonprofits, it’s hard to make room in the budget for an animation. We want the ability to create an explainer animation to be accessible, because…
  • Animations help nonprofits do great work. They drive engagement and action, and can be used in a variety of ways. Think fundraising, outreach, education, community building, and volunteer recruitment.

More about the Grant:

  • We award 2 free, fully-produced two minute whiteboard animations. Original scripting, professional voiceover, custom artwork included.
  • The application is open until May 31st, 2018. Winners will be decided by the end of June at which point all applicants will be notified.
  • The selected organizations will attend an initial kickoff call (about 1 hour) and provide feedback in a timely manner according to an agreed upon timeline. Other than a few hours of your time, the animation is free!
  • Last year, we awarded the grant to HOPE 4 Youth and Lovin’ Spoonfuls. Click here to learn more about last year’s winners and to watch the videos.

Ready to learn more or apply?

Click Here