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Why Your Business Needs An Animation

By February 23, 2018March 16th, 2018Whiteboard Animation, Marketing, Video-Based Learning

Good communication just makes life easier. This is true with relationships, and it’s also true with your business.

There are so many reasons our businesses need strong communication. Businesses need to:

  • Explain what they do and who they are.
  • Persuade potential customers why they need their product/service.
  • Convince potential customers to choose them over competitors.
  • Connect with customers and build relationships to keep them coming back.

These are all examples of ways that businesses communicate with an external audience of potential customers. But so much crucial communication happens internally as well.

Internally, businesses need to:

  • Onboard and orient new staff.
  • Train on company culture and protocol.
  • Share company-wide updates.
  • Recognize staff and celebrate milestones.

Without good communication, none of these crucial steps are possible and our businesses fail.

So what does good communication have to do with explainer animations? Glad you asked!

Clear and True

Animations have a way of simplifying complex topics. If you have something complicated you need to share, an animation can help you distill your message and get to the heart of things. Simple, clear communication ensures your message breaks through

Fun and Playful

Animations strike a playful tone, which can be extremely refreshing. When your audience is used to dry content, a fun animation makes your message stand out. Even if your message is serious, the lightness of an animation can make the content feel more paletable and help you connect with your audience in an authentic way.

Visual and Memorable

It’s a fact – visuals helps people remember and learn. Turning your businesses message into a moving, visual format means your audience will remember your message, and in turn will remember you. In other words, animations help you stand out in the crowd.

Convenient and Adaptable

One of the best things about animations is how adaptable they are: you can use them across platforms and to reach people where they are. They can also be easily translated into multiple languages if you need to reach a multicultural audience.

Animations are a must-have for your businesses’s communication needs. Whether you’re looking to market your product, improve your internal communication, or strengthen your sales process, an animation will help you get the most bang for your buck through impactful, authentic communication.


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