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Whiteboard Animations For Nonprofit Engagement

By January 19, 2018February 8th, 2019Whiteboard Animation, Nonprofit, Next Day Animations
whiteboard animation nonprofit engagement

At the heart of every nonprofit is a strong mission. But to bring your mission into reality, you need people who are emotionally invested and engaged in your cause enough to actually show up and take action. In other words, you need engagement. 

But not all nonprofits are the same, and engagement can look a lot of different ways. Some organizations rely heavily on volunteer engagement, while others focus more on involvement on a policy level. Whatever your engagement goals, whiteboard animation is a powerful tool to tell your story and drive investment and action.

Why are animations so powerful for nonprofit engagement?

  • They are visually striking, eye-catching and hard to look away from.
  • They tell a story and capture the emotional message of your mission, which helps forge human connections.
  • A strong Call to Action (CTA) helps transform your viewer’s emotion into direct, meaningful action.

So how can an animation support your nonprofit’s goals and mission?


Sample CTA: Set Up Your Recurring Donation Today!
Once you get folks emotionally invested in your cause, you want them to take the leap and become financially invested. An animation can show concrete examples of how a financial contribution can make a real difference for your organization and the communities you serve.

Volunteer Recruitment (and Training)

Sample CTA: Sign Up To Volunteer
Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofits. Recruiting, training and retaining volunteers is central to the success of a nonprofit, and can be a huge challenge. Creating a recruitment video can help you spread the word quickly and in a really fun, engaging way.

Not to mention, once you have recruited volunteers, whiteboard animations are an excellent way to train them.


Sample CTA: Share This Video on Social Media
You have an extremely important message to share. No matter your area of work, the more people you can educate about your issue the stronger your organization is. Whiteboard animations are extremely easy to share via email and social media. If you can create a compelling piece that encourages people to share, your message will spread like wildfire. It takes about 5 seconds to share a video on Facebook, but the impact is huge.

Fun fact: this video for Centre for Gender Advocacy was shared over 350 times and viewed more than 30,000 times on Facebook!


Sample CTA: Contact Your Representative
If your organization is policy-oriented, and you need people to take a specific action related to your agenda, a whiteboard animation can help you clearly lay out the information your audience needs to make an informed decision to act. If you need people to sign a petition, call their representatives, or show up for a rally, an animation can help you get the engagement you need.

Ready to ramp up your nonprofit engagement? Invest in a whiteboard animation today.

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