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How To Work Remotely (And Actually Get Work Done)

Cubicles have never been our thing. In fact, offices are still a relatively new concept for us at Next Day Animations with our first ever dedicated brick and mortar space opening this past October in Minneapolis. Over the years our offices have popped up in converted homes, porches and coffee shops. Like so many start-ups, we’ve embraced the world wide web for its ability to bring together talent from all over the country (and Canada!). We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tips and tricks that have ensured success when it comes to working remotely:

Invest in a space that’s dedicated to work

As tempting as it may sound to set up shop in your favorite spot on the couch, it’s important to have a space that makes you feel alert and mentally separate from the weekend’s Nexflix bender. We recommend sitting at a table or desk with plenty of light and a good chair. Plants and pets don’t hurt either.

Be sure that all systems are go

Meaning, BEFORE you sit down to work check to be sure your internet is working, phone and laptops are charged and your coffee brewed.

Schedule your day (and your energy)

While working in your own space has it’s obvious advantages, there is the hazard of getting pulled in multiple directions and losing focus. One way to avoid this productivity pitfall is to plan out your day in advance. Also, take into consideration your energy levels: don’t plan on doing your most demanding task at 4pm, the same time you start to remember juuust how comfy (and close) your bed is to you.

Don’t work in your PJ’s

Remote workers can probably all attest to that sluggish, bogged down feeling when you realize it’s the end of the day and you’re still in your pajamas. Do your mental health a favor and get dressed before your day, even if no one’s going to see you.

Take breaks

Stand up, eat a snack, call your mom, walk around the block. Do whatever you need to do to mentally and physically remove yourself from the task at hand periodically throughout the day to keep your brain sharp and your body happy.

Find a productivity playlist

Music streaming apps are everywhere, find one you like and add whatever songs or albums suit your work vibe. Not sure where to start? Try the Next Day Animation’s staff playlist!