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Less Is More, Except for When it’s Not

It’s true. Here at Next Day Animations we’re pretty firm believers in the less is more school of thought. Less clutter and extra “stuff” means more clarity and understanding. Our videos are streamlined and to the point in order to tell stories that stand out from a whirlwind of on-line chatter. Our process for creating these videos is also simple, with just a few quick meetings with the client where goals and objectives are set and videos are delivered. We value our clients’ time, so we aim to deliver high quality work quickly and seamlessly. We all can agree that eliminating extras is a good thing, right? Almost.

Here’s where we’re going to contradict ourselves. When it comes to quality, originality and that magical element of humor and unpredictability we like turn on the “more” button. One way we’ve been doing this lately is adding more motion to our videos. For example, the Organic Center’s leafy-green logo was inspiration for the climbing, unfurling vine that connects the story from image to image:

Another example of this can be seen in our own promotional video where our mascot, the Chicken Knight, actually runs onto the screen instead of standing still (see below). In both these instances, there is an element of surprise and unpredictability that makes these videos extra delightful.

So when thinking about where we stand on the less is more/more is more debate it’s more of a both-and-or-maybe-always. Because here at Next Day Animations, we believe in creating products that exceed your expectations, not your time or your attention span.