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B-Corp Status Update!

By August 16, 2018October 7th, 2020Next Day Animations, Meet The Team

As you may know, Next Day Animations is in the process of becoming a B-Corp Certified Organization.  This nationally recognized status signifies valued economic and social impact over profit. Or simply put, it’s the “Certified Organic” or “Fair Trade” stamp for the business world.

Our B-Corp committee has been hard at work re-writing company policies and creating new initiatives in order to create less environmental impact, seeking out ethical business practices and ensuring happy, healthy employees. This rearrangement of the bottom line has empowered us to do the following:

  • Creating a bike-to-work incentive program that provides free bike maintenance to employees who commute by bike.
  • Switching to clean energy (See certificate from Clean Choice!)
  • Developing a volunteer tracking and incentive program
  • Implementing a nursing parent policy
  • Improving green building standards

The process so far has been challenging and joyful, encouraging us to think about business differently and pushing us to be better. We’re inching closer and closer to that certification!