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Premiering our 2023 Animations to Change the World Grant Videos

Blog title graphic featuring the Next Day Animations 'Animations to Change the World' nonprofit grant logo and the logo for Blacklining Foundation Inc. The graphic features a still from their whiteboard explainer video, a thriving city

At Next Day Animations, we believe in the power of storytelling to create positive change. That’s the mission behind our annual nonprofit grant: Animations to Change the World.

Back in September, we introduced you to Blacklining Foundation, Inc: our 2023 grant winners. 

Although it is never easy selecting one of the hundreds of inspiring applications we receive, our committee was truly moved by the mission behind Blacklining Foundation. With a focus on combating the far-reaching impact of redlining with evidence-based educational programs and financial workshops, Blacklining Foundation is dedicated to changing the world for the better.

We were thrilled to partner with them to create an animation that would help them in their mission.

This playlist features our past Animations to Change the World nonprofit grant winners.

Making the Video

Every video project kicks off with the guidance of our client’s dedicated producer. Next Day Animations producer Selena partnered closely with Blacklining Inc. to bring their story to life, coordinating between the organization, and our team’s scriptwriters, illustrators, and voiceover artists.

Reflecting on the production process, Selena shared that the mission of Blacklining Inc. aligns well with what explainer videos are made to do: explain the facts.

“Their story is honest – it’s just the truth. They see a problem that is backed up with facts, and they have a solution backed up with facts as well.” 

By offering networks, workshops and other platforms that promote financial wellbeing, Blacklining Foundation aims its energy towards mending the effects of Redlining. With a video that clearly outlines their mission and the ‘why’ behind it, they can effortlessly build awareness and in turn, more support for their movement.

The Power of Animation for Nonprofits

Blacklining Foundation’s commitment to education and empowerment aligns seamlessly with the visual storytelling capabilities of animation. With video, nonprofits can feel confident that their ‘elevator pitch’ is captured in a consistent, impactful, and concise piece of messaging. This frees energy and attention, empowering the organization to focus on other crucial aspects of their work.

This video also breaks down a complex and far-reaching topic (redlining) into a digestible and engaging video, so that people can understand it and take action.

Selena says that working on this video was inspiring because Blacklining Foundation’s work contributes to real, positive change in the communities that have suffered most from the harmful effects of redlining:

“They were very insightful, and knew their subject matter well. They didn’t try and sugarcoat anything: they said, ‘This is what’s happening. More importantly, this is what we’re doing to fix it.”

See the Video!

Without further ado, please enjoy the premiere video for our 2023 Animation to Change the World Grant Winners: Blacklining Foundation, Inc.