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3 Ways to Start 2024 Strong With Video

By January 5, 2024Next Day Animations
A title graphic reads "3 Ways to Start 2024 STRONG with Video" and is paired with a hand-drawn doodle of a superhero-screen. It has a red cape and strong arms and legs in a strength pose, and features a big red playbutton on it's screen.

January is a time for looking ahead to greater things.

With 13 years in the animation business, we’ve learned that there’s nothing greater for sharing your message than video.

A new year is the perfect time to leverage the power of video to propel your brand to new heights. That’s why we wanted to share our top 3 ideas for kicking off 2024 with a video-marketing success story!

#1: Revolutionize Your Style with Hybrid Animation

Stay on the cutting edge of video content by embracing a hybrid animation style. 

Combine the power of animation with live video to create visually striking and attention-grabbing content. This innovative approach not only keeps your audience engaged but also positions your brand as a trendsetter in your industry.

Why hybrid animation?

  • Blend animation seamlessly with live video for a unique visual appeal.
  • Capture and maintain viewer attention with dynamic and modern styles.
  • Showcase your brand as forward-thinking and creative.

In this video created with the Schenck School, animated elements add whimsy and brand alignment to some “hard-hitting” live footage.

Head to our Live Action/Mixed Media page to see more examples, and get a free quote on your hybrid animation project.

#2: Enhance Accessibility for All with Inclusive Videos

Make 2024 the year of inclusivity by ensuring your videos are accessible to everyone. 

Check out this Youtube Playlist to see examples of our animated videos featuring subtitling, audio description, and translations.

When your audience is spread across the country or globe, or coming to your information from different backgrounds, it’s important that you communicate with them in a way they understand and that feels authentic. 

We proudly offer full translation packages for videos created in our studio, for both common and rare languages.

Our roster of voiceover artists includes people across the world and across the gender spectrum, furthering our ability to match your custom script with a narration that audiences can hear themselves reflected in.

We’ve even supported our clients in representing various accents and dialects, and are committed to offering accessible subtitles for free with all of our projects.

By prioritizing accessibility, you not only broaden your reach but also contribute to a more inclusive digital environment.

#3: Master SEO in 2024 with Video

In the digital landscape, visibility is key. Whether you’re fundraising, spreading awareness, or selling products, landing at the top of search engines is critical to reaching audiences online.

Video can help.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the process of improving your website’s visibility on search engines. Content that is well optimized for a specific search term shows up higher on the list of search results for that term.

According to Forrester Research, videos are 53 times more likely to secure a first-page ranking than traditional SEO techniques.

Consider using a video for your next marketing effort to definitively boost results. Our team of professional producers not only love bringing your story to life, but we also work hard to help set you up for success after the final files are delivered. Here are some of the best practices we utilize with our clients to maximize effectiveness when it comes to video SEO: 

  • Include important keywords and search terms during scripting
  • Craft compelling titles and descriptions with strategic keywords.
  • Consider back-end settings: rename video files to match titles, and include closed captions for accessibility and improved SEO.
  • Invest in paid advertising for a targeted reach and maximum impact.

As you gear up for 2024, make video a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Embrace SEO, champion accessibility, and captivate your audience with innovative styles. Ready to elevate your brand through the power of video?

Contact us today for a personalized consultation and discover how you can make 2024 your most impactful year yet!

All systems go for a powerful start to 2024! 🚀✨

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