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Why Video Based Learning Will Change Your Company

59% of executives would rather watch a video than read an article, Forbes claims.

And those of us who are not executives agree. Video engages viewers in ways that text can’t. Maybe it’s that videos appeal to so many of our senses. Maybe it’s that they can adjust to multiple learning styles. Whatever the reasons the result is the same: Higher information retention.

So it’s no surprise that videos are being integrated into Learning Management Systems and in-person trainings. But what may be news is the way in which video is adapting to integrate new learning technologies. 

With video-based learning you can:

  • Save time and increase retention.
  • Create smart, interactive modules to test comprehension.
  • Build a variety of delightful, insightful quizzes and games.
  • Adapt material based on the location of the user, which means that users all over the world can experience material specific to their location, language, and needs.
  • Show your team how much you value them and are invested in their growth by using personalized messages, goals, and congratulations.
  • Animate screencasts to teach how to use the company dashboard.
  • Share your company values through an explainer video.
  • Make common workplace scenarios come alive using videos that walk through situations and solutions.
  • Display key graphics and company trends through an animated infographic.
  • Develop inside jokes and company culture that ties your team together.
  • Have boat loads of fun! Really.

Bringing video into your learning processes means you maintain high quality, consistent content with lots of options for accessibility. All of your team, regardless of language, location, or ability can be included in this shared experience. 

This does more than ensure that staff know the same things. It means that they have the same experience to talk through, laugh with, and generally bond over.

Training is a key part of building company culture, which often defines whether your business succeeds or fails. The stakes are high. Video can help.

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