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Drive Effective Communication with Chicken & Knight’s Info Bites

By March 25, 2022April 1st, 2022Whiteboard Animation
Chicken and Knight stand beneath a sign that reads 'C&K's Info Bites'; the sign has a chunk bitten out of it, which is inside the Chicken's mouth

Effective communication drives action. 

Next Day Animations was founded on that belief 11 years ago. 

In those 11 years, we’ve learned a lot about how to share our core beliefs in ways that make an impact. And we’ve helped hundreds of clients do the same thing.

We’ve also learned that generosity pays greater dividends than secrecy and selfishness: so we want to invite you into the conversation.

‘Chicken and Knights Info Bites’ is our low-volume newsletter featuring the big ideas we’ve had, and what we’ve learned, after over a decade of working to make messages sing. It’s not your typical ‘marketing advice’ subscription: topics range from effective communication skills, to specific strategies like increasing conversions with video, to thinking about what it means to tell a story ethically.

We didn’t get into this work to be marketers, we got into this work to help incredible ideas get momentum.

So: what’s your message in the world? Whether your mission is to see petitions signed, products sold, or values shared – sign up and see if Chicken & Knight can’t help you get it done.

Sign up with your email address via the form on the right side of this page. Or, follow this link to get signed up!

Knight rides Chicken into battle, weilding his sword

Onward, trusty steed, towards more effective communication!!!

PS: For anyone out there wondering, ‘What is Chicken Knight anyway’? Read the tale here…