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Drive Animation Engagement with a Painted Garden Rock

In today’s relentlessly oversaturated digital world, how can you make sure your message truly stands out? By painting your message onto a rock and hiding it in a garden. 

Inspired by forecasted skyrocketing consumer demand, Next Day Animations is proud to introduce painted rocks to accompany your animation. Similar to how branded social media GIFs and images can echo an animation’s key messaging, painted rocks are able to capture and emphasize the heart of your idea, without weighing it down.

“It’s 2022 and people don’t want to be lectured,” shares senior producer Jake Rudegair. “They want something that captures their attention and makes them wonder ‘What’s on that rock over there?’ As a team of innovators, we’re definitely not afraid to paint that rock.”

Embellished garden rocks have been scientifically proven to engage, persuade, increase conversions and improve Search Engine Optimization. “In August of 2012, I noticed this small rock that said ‘Live. Laugh. Love.’ and it really stuck with me. To be honest, I haven’t stopped doing all three since,” says scriptwriter Gemma Irish.

Painted rocks to accompany animations are quickly proving to be a wise marketing investment: “The ROI on these is just incredible. It’s why we’re moving 100% of our former print advertising budget specifically to animations and rocks next year,” shares a current client, Sebastian Ellefson.

“It might sound crazy today, but in the next five years, we’re predicting demand for two or even three painted rocks to accompany a single animation. We’re not there yet- but when we are, we’ll be ready,” says designer Maya Johnston

Is your organization stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to messaging? Choose the rock. A rolling stone may gather no moss, but it also gets a lot less views.

If you’re ready to get your hard ideas across quickly, give us a call at 202-747-0404 today.