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How Explainer Videos Drive Climate Action

The climate crisis isn’t some distant event on the horizon… it’s here. A quick glance at today’s headlines will show you that our global climate is suffering, and will never be the same.

You want to encourage people to take action to combat this urgent crisis, but it can be hard to communicate what’s necessary without overwhelming people, or getting bogged down in data points.

As is the case whenever something important is at stake, an Explainer Video can help.

Telling your story

Here at Next Day Animations, one of our core values is Clarity. Part of our process is helping you hone in on your most important talking points, and refine your messaging so it’s the clearest it can be. When you’re the one zoomed into the details all day it can be hard to zoom out for the sake of a general audience, but taking a Big Picture approach can be really helpful to both viewers – and to you. When you step back and ask what’s really important, it can help you focus your message. And when people understand your message, they can make informed decisions about what to do.

A video can also get at the emotions behind your message – not just what’s happening, but why it matters. What’s at stake? Who’s impacted? Why should people care?

And, a narrative structure can help bring data points to life by telling the story of what the data means. Facts are important; but stories are how our brain remembers information.

Visualizing your message

A video is powerful because it can show and tell at the same time. Images and words work together to create memorable, interesting, persuasive stories.

Whether it’s through infographics that convey lots of data in an easy to process format, an icon that depicts an idea in a bite-sized way, or a facial expression that tells you everything you need to know, the visual aspect of video makes it one of the most effective ways of sharing information.

Driving Action

Whether it’s asking people to sign a petition, inviting them to put solar panels on their house, or moving someone to find a clean energy provider, video can shift audiences towards any action you want them to take.

People want to feel empowered in the fight against climate change, and are longing to feel like they have a voice and can make a real impact. Let video be the super effective new tool in your tool box that converts people’s passion into action.

Want a few more ideas for how explainer videos can drive action in the climate crisis? Here are some of our favorites.