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Explainer Videos for Higher Education: Creating Higher Impact

As we reach the halfway point of our summer (we can’t believe it either!), many of us are anticipating the Back-to-School season. Some of us are excited to learn new things (nerd lyfe 4eva), and others of us wish the backyard barbecues and Saturdays at the pool could last forever.

For our friends who work in education, this past year has been one of the most challenging in recent memory. But those challenges have also created new opportunities to show up: for students,  colleagues, and the school community at large.

The landscape of education has been permanently transformed by our experiences over the last year.  More and more schools are considering permanent hybrid classrooms, whether as a way to be accessible for all kinds of learners, or out of necessity as resources and vaccination rates vary widely. So, how can animated explainer videos help you navigate this unfamiliar terrain? Here are three ideas.

  • Recruit

Virtual learning brings the opportunity to hire teachers anywhere in the country – or the world – to teach at your school. A video can explain what’s unique about your institution, and why someone might want to work there.

Looking to enroll students from a specific community or demographic? A video can reach them where they’re at – on social media.

  • Teach 

Nothing replaces a real life teacher! We all have a story about one who changed the course of our life. And we also have memories of hearing them give their same spiel about classroom expectations at the start of every semester. What if that spiel had been an animated video, instead?

Video is also a great way to introduce an idea or concept that will be expanded upon by a teacher – grab students’ attention right away with a video, and get into the nuance once they’re already engaged with the idea.

  • Train

Your workforce may all be under one roof, or they may be all over the world.  Regardless, you want to make sure policies and procedures are communicated clearly, and that all employees are held to the same standard. Enter the explainer video: when everyone sees the same video, everyone gets the same message. So whether it’s your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Roadmap, new curriculum guidelines, or IT updates, make sure people get consistent messaging – and stay engaged! – with video.

Can you think of other ways your institution might use video? We’d love to hear about them! Call us today at  (202) 747-0404.