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Next Day Animations Launches Explainamatic, Augmented Reality Explainer Animation App 

For Immediate Release- 

BALTIMORE, MD- 4/1/2021 – The world is confusing these days. Just look at your buttoned shirt and sweatpant combo. That’s why Next Day Animations is proud to announce the launch of real time augmented reality animations via the new mobile app, Explainamatic.

Once you download Explainamatic, simply hold up your smartphone’s camera at anything that confuses you. 

Explainamatic’s AI-powered technology will present you with a real time augmented reality explanation for what’s in front of you. 

Works great for:

  • Identifying palm species
  • Dramatic HBO series
  • DIY electrical and dental work
  • Confusing interactions with others
  • Quantum mechanics homework help
  • Figuring out what you came into the room for
  • …and more!

Download Explainamatic from an app store near you.

[Edit: Yes, we are aware the current bug wherein Explainamatic, when held up to a mirror, spirals into an existential crisis and cries “Am I a robot!? What does it all mean?” Thank you for your patience in resolving this glitch.]

If you would like information about Explainamatic, contact 202-747-0404.