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Which Industries Should Use Explainer Videos?

You may be wondering if an explainer video is the right choice for your business, considering your industry’s unique challenges and markets. Here are some of the top industries we’ve seen great success in using explainer video.


It doesn’t take much time interacting with the healthcare system to realize how confusing it can be. From insurance to treatments, even something like scheduling an appointment with a care provider can feel overwhelming. There are so many uses for explainer videos in this field. You can connect with doctors, patients, office administrators – with a consistent, widely shareable video. Read the full article on explainer animations for healthcare.


If you work for a nonprofit’s communication or fundraising department, you know how important storytelling is. If you want people to support your work, with their time, money or goodwill, you have to appeal to their heart as well as their brain. Explainer videos are an excellent way to capture the emotional core of your message, and to tell your organization’s story with heart.

Tech and Security

New advances in technology are happening every day. While these bring up feelings of excitement, they can also bring feelings of uncertainty or even fear, especially when it comes to security. Explainer videos help cut through the fear by providing reliable, comprehensible information. They can educate users on how to best use products, and bridge the gap between uncertainty and satisfaction.


Again, this is an industry with lots of very important, but sometimes extremely confusing, information to share. We’ve created explainers that break down the basics of personal finance for a youth-focused audience, and we’ve made explainers that help first-time home buyers navigate the process. People often are so intimidated by financial topics that they may shy away from even engaging with financial institutions. Good videos empower customers to make good financial decisions.

Human Resources

Maybe not exactly an “industry” – but an important function in any business. Sometimes businesses overlook one of their most important stakeholders: their employees. Creating a strong internal communication plan ensures employee engagement and understanding. Explainer videos are extremely useful for rolling out new policies, making big announcements, and raising morale.

Your Industry Here.

I know, I know, this is kind of cheating. But the thing is, we’ve worked with so many types of businesses over the years and have seen first hand how effective explainer videos can be across the board. Check out Our Work to see the breadth of our experience.

Everyone needs to explain things. Explainer videos can help.