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A digital drawing of a person doing a presentation at a podium in front of a screen that reads, "Why You Need VIDEO at Your Next Event!"

These days, we’re better than ever at thinking of creative and inclusive ways to gather together.

With virtual, in-person, and hybrid events, there’s also more to consider. Explainer videos take an event to the next level – whether it’s a fundraising gala, a training for new staff, or the annual conference of pizza professionals (yep, that exists).

Why does video work so well for events?

Video brings a cohesive message, promotes your mission, and provides entertainment and inspiration. Additionally, with thoughtful evergreen scripting, videos for events maybe used for future training, marketing, sales, and gatherings.

If you have an event coming up, you need video to make it a surefire hit. Check out some examples of animations for events created by our award-winning studio below:

Spotlight on Your Mission

Think about the last event you attended: what was the purpose of the event? How connected did you feel to that purpose?

Use an animation at your next event to set the tone and bring attendees to the same page about the meaning behind the gathering. An explainer video is short, clear, visual and memorable: the perfect medium for sharing big topics like your company mission or organizational values. 

Sharing about your mission, vision and values during events helps your audience connect with you and each other. Kaniksu Land Trust created a video with us for use at conferences as well as on their website. Viewers of this video understand the mission of the Land Trust on a deeper level thanks to expert scriptwriting about the resources at stake, paired with beautiful graphics that bring the importance of nature to life.

Promote Your Event with Animation

In 2022, leveraging digital assets is crucial . A video is an excellent way to build awareness of your event or campaign. One video file (or maybe, a few!) can be used again and again across platforms.

In advance of your event, upload your video to Youtube, share it on your social media pages, email it to your contacts, and more – the only limit is your imagination. A video is particularly flexible choice for advertising because most platforms, email hosts, and CRMs allow you to embed video without much hassle.

You might even consider adding a social media package to your video project, like the ones demonstrated here.

How do social media packages work? Your expert graphic designers will use stills from your video to create complementary GIFs and graphics sized for various social media platforms as an add-on to your video package – and just like that, you’ll have enough unique content to build an entire campaign around your event!

Video for Fundraising Events

Some of the most important fundraising of the year happens at events. Donors treasure these periodic opportunities to check in on the things they care about and get inspired. Want to inpire them to dive deeper into your cause?

Animation is a persuasive and moving way to tell your story. It is more cost-effective than live film. It is a playful and sincere medium. And, it is highly shareable and digestible. 

Explainer animations are a great way to drive donations. Our fundraising videos have inspirted donors to give thousands of dollars to support fantastic nonprofits doing crucial work. Check out this example from the Jack and Jill foundation:

An added bonus of video for your fundraising event? Anyone who can’t make it can still participate in the campaign – you can debut your video and then share it to select audiences afterwards.

In this video we created to promote the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, we even leveraged the power of explainer videos to bring clarity to the online fundraising process. Click here to learn more about animations for explaining websites and apps.

Use Animation During Training Days or Professional Development

These days, when it comes to sharing information, explainer animations are the way to go.

Think of animated training videos as ‘edutainment’. Great training videos engage employees and bring your content to life, using a medium that is both flexible and stylistically versatile. 

We’ve been known to get really creative with the ways you can build your lesson around animation, leveraging smart timing to create moments for audience interaction, or even building full sets of training modules with animated video.  

If you are planning a training for your organization, animation may be the perfect choice. Follow this link to read our recent blog post about video-based learning, where we walk through some examples of videos for training and education.


Ok, so I have an event that needs video. What’s next?

We’ve shared a few ways to use animations at your next event. However, each event is unique! (Shout out to the conference for pizza professionals – we see you.)

So, let’s talk through the specifics of your event. Give us a call at 202-747-0404 or schedule your consultation here.