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Using Explainer Videos to Enhance your Website or App

a simple digital drawing of a man sitting on a bench, viewing his laptop; his golden retriever sits beside him; title reads: Using Explainer Videos to Enhance Your Website or App

Step aside, FAQ page.

Enter…the explainer video.

If you’ve put anything out into the world – an app, a website, a product or service – you know one thing to be true: there are going to be some people who need a bit of help figuring it out.

Do you find yourself tied up on the phone, answering the same questions about interacting with a form on your website? Or maybe you need a quick way to cover all the features of your app that people are actually going to listen to – instead of moving on to the next option

An animated explainer video is the solution you’re looking for. Use an animated video on your homepage or important customer landing page to make sure visitors know what action to take. Make an explainer video for your app to help new users understand your product.

Let us show you – video teaches us that the power of demonstration far outweighs the power of telling you!

Below, we outline two central ways an explainer video can be used to support your website or app – with some great examples of our recent projects.

Use Case: Explain How To Use Your Website or App with a Video

These days, anyone with an internet connection can find out how to make a fettuccine alfredo in under 41 seconds, thanks to the magic of modern technology (read: time lapse and video editing).

While the ever-quickening advance of technology is doing a lot for our food cravings, it can also have a negative impact on our ability to read instructions – even if they are simple or short. 

It’s become a habit for users to jump right to imagery or video content, and take in visually stimulating content before taking in the words (if they even read them at all.)

This is exactly why you need an animation to explain how to use your website or app. 

Watching a how-to video leaves the viewer feeling prepared and excited to engage with your website or app. Without putting in a huge effort, they are able to understand with crystal clarity how to feel most comfortable interacting with your website.

Check out this example of a website explainer video. We partnered with the American Kennel Club to make it easier for dog owners to understand how to correctly document their dog’s Date of Transfer, & save time for AKC employees who were answering questions about this form.

Beyond explaining a specific task or form on your website, video can also help users get the most out of your content.

Video has the power to shine a light on the array of capabilities that your website or app has to offer, in a way that is truly entertaining. With a lengthy onboarding note of instructions, you may find users will scan for what they need and click away before realizing how best to use the features of your app. 

A video can show it all and still keep viewers engaged, ensuring they get the full rundown of how best to use your product. Check out another great example of app explainer videos below.


Use Case: Promote Your Website or App with a Video

You’re already clear on your messaging and UX, but there’s still one more hurdle: how do you promote your product so that people visit your website or download your app?

In an oversaturated market of apps that can truly do everything under the sun, it’s important to differentiate your product. An explainer video can do just that: in a short amount of time, a video can help viewers see their problem reflected & be led to your product as a solution.

For example, we worked with the American Kidney Fund to promote their free resource for kidney-friendly eating. Click here to see another project created with our friends at AKF.

AKF is on a mission to reduce the negative impacts of kidney disease, and they know that every dietary choice makes a difference. This explainer video drives website traffic because it demonstrates not only the function, but the value, of this website.


When it comes to what you have the potential to explain, the sky’s the limit. Consider how your audience might respond to a bigger picture view of your product: the why behind your website or app.

For example, we built the following series of videos with our friends at FREE THE WORK to promote their new tool: Invoke Insights. The video below not only demonstrates a bit about how to use their platform, but it gives a holistic perspective about the potential impact users can have on huge issues if they do use it.

The series also included a more granular FAQ video and an ‘elevator pitch’ short cut. We offer series discounts on projects, because we believe that packaging your message for certain audiences and purposes can take your message even that much farther. Check out the rest of FREE THE WORK’s project here.