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4 Tips for Writing an Amazing Script

By September 18, 2015January 28th, 2019Next Day Animations

So you’d like to get a head start on your script before our kickoff call? Fantastic! Here are a few script tips and tools we recommend:

1. Know Your Audience

What are their demographics? Job title? What do they do all day and what to they care about? And most importantly, what are their daily pains, problems and inconveniences? Your product or service is the solution- but we don’t want to talk solutions until we’ve set up the problem for maximum “Kapow!”.

2. Know Your Sizzle

A persuasive animation is focused on benefits, not features. Here’s what I mean:

A feature is a description of a component of your service or product. Think technical specifications, as in:

fancy dinner script tips steak animation video This television is 52″ wide
Made of glass and plastic
and has a bajillion pixels.

A benefit is the real world result from your product or service, as in:

Watch the big game like you’ve never seen it before.
Astound your friends! Confuse your cat!
Amaze your wife and kids with life-size movies and video games!

See what we did there? Same product, but we’re focusing on the sizzle rather than just the steak.

3. Keep It Snappy

Edit with a red pen! Seriously- you may end up cutting 75% from your first draft to get to the right length.

It helps to know just how long your text will take to read- but it’s no fun to sit there and time yourself reading. That’s why we recommend using Readtime ( Just copy and paste in your text for a frighteningly accurate prediction of how long your script will take.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to include about 10 seconds for a smooth intro and conclusion around the text.

puzzle collaboration script animation whiteboard4. Collaborate (With Your Favorite Animators)

Here’s the deal: You know your clients and products better than anyone else. We write scripts that hook people on from the first sentence, everyday. That’s why we love working together with you.

On our kickoff call, our job is to ask the right questions to get an awesome first draft of your script. If you’re not feeling up to writing it yourself, no problem- that’s what we’re here for.

Questions about your script or looking for more script tips? Give us a call at 202-747-0404.

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