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A Day in the Life: Why I Love My Job

By December 9, 2015November 2nd, 2016Whiteboard Animation, Next Day Animations

It’s my turn to write a post for the week. I sat down to write about healthcare and explainer animations, but instead felt distracted by this realization that I’m writing from a mostly empty office at 6:05pm… and there’s nowhere else I would rather be.

So instead of the usual animation-focused post, I’d love to share a more personal side of what I do and why I’m thrilled to be doing it.

My typical day goes something like this:

6:45am Alarm goes off

7:02am Feed the dogs and make a smoothie18 waterfowl 1 col

8:07am Read the news while riding the Lake Street bus to work

8:32am Make magic with an incredible team and inspiring clients

1:21pm Walk to grocery store for lunch (frequently “soupad” → soup over salad, it’s delicious)

2:02pm Meeting on how to draw a friendly, but serious, robot

2:18pm Call about a video to be shown in NC theaters during Star Wars previews

2:39pm Approve friendly-but-serious robot illustrations drawn perfectly by Dayna

2:40pm Deep dive into editing an animation about health care

3:48pm Continued magic-making…

6:32pm Catch the bus home while listening to a podcast

Reason #4: working at COCO. Image courtesy of Kristina Connor at Empulse.

COCO. Image courtesy of Kristina Connor at Empulse.

This is pretty much my day, over and over again. And, I bet I could give you 12 reasons off the top of my head of why I do what I do:

  1. Working with our incredible team who pours their hearts and brains into each second of video
  2. Making videos that reach the ends of the earth on all kinds of subjects
  3. The brilliant and hard-working clients with whom we partner
  4. Coming to work at COCO in Minneapolis
  5. Selecting the perfect background music track
  6. Seeing our artists bring images and scripts to life
  7. Answering sales phone calls
  8. Team meetings on Mondays
  9. Dogs in the office
  10. Seeing a project through from vision to completion
  11. The reward of exceeding expectations
  12. Continually striving to improve our processes, as a team

Okay, that took me three minutes but I could keep going.

It it easy work? Occasionally. Is it fun? Usually. Would I rather do anything else? …I don’t think so.