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Next Day Animations Pledges to Bike To Work For City-Wide Event

Members of the Twin Cities Next Day Animations team are pledging to ride bikes to the office tomorrow, Friday, May 18th. While this group happens to be a bike-friendly bunch as it is, this special commitment is in honor of the city-wide event, Bike to Work Day, sponsored by Our Streets Minneapolis. This Minneapolis-based nonprofit’s missions is to foster healthy communities via events and education. The purpose of Bike to Work Day is to encourage people to consider biking as a safe, practical and healthy option for daily transportation while celebrating May as National Bike Month. Various pit stops, workshops and a gathering at the capitol building in Saint Paul will take place on this day and Next Day Animations couldn’t be more excited to participate!

This event is one that we feel especially connected to because of how closely Our Streets Minneapolis’ values align with our own. Their commitment to healthy communities is something we strive towards at Next Day Animations. Our recently instituted bike-to-work initiative provides financial assistance to any employee who rides a bike to work for bike maintenance. We think that it’s the small, personal, daily decisions that can lead to big changes, and if we can help make those decisions easier for our team — then we’re all in!