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Prepare for Liftoff: A Checklist for Starting Your Animation

Making an explainer video for your big idea is like launching a rocket.

An entire team prepares diligently and strategizes carefully…
And when the time comes for launch, your story takes off and no one can look away.


So…are you ready for takeoff? All of our travelers ready for a free quote and proposal from our friendly client advisors can follow this link.

We’ve also created a handy launch status check for folks who are still thinking about getting started on an incredible explainer with us. Think of this as your go-to guide, your convenient check-list of everything you need for a successful video campaign for your big idea.

Ready? Let’s go: Here’s what you need to get started on an explainer video with our team:

an astronaut in full gear, holding a flag with the NDA logo


An idea.

Yes, really. That’s it!

We guarantee that all you need to end up with a wonderful end product from our team is an idea. It’s our job – and our passion! – to help you with the rest.

We also recognize that being prepared and curious about how our process works is what brought you here. And we’re happy to oblige…

The questions below are similar to what our team will ask you during your project kickoff call. Our tried and true kick-off call is the first step in our award-winning process – which you can read a bit more about here.

Thinking about these questions can be a good way to prepare for kickoff with us, or even get inspired if you’re still working on your idea.

All systems go?

What action do you hope people will take after they watch your video?

What is your brand voice? What is the tone of your message?

Are you open to using humor to get your point across? Is there room in your video for authenticity that will make people chuckle?

Where will you be sharing this video? Hint: where is your audience most likely to see it?

What are the pain points of your target audience? What problem are you solving for them?

Which members of your team should be consulted at progress points, for approval and feedback?

Who is the audience for this video? Do they know anything about this topic? What are their lives like, what do they
care about, what keeps them up at night?

Who on your team will be the primary point of contact?

Do these questions feel like a lot to think about? Don’t worry.

Our producers are truly experts at walking clients through the process and working together to create a perfect video. These just give you a taste of all the pit-stops we’ll make on your journey to a fantastic end result. 

Reach our fantastic client advisors today at 202-747-0404 or click here to learn more about how to get started on your project today.