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What Sets Us Apart: 6 Reasons to Choose Next Day Animations for Your Explainer Video

A group of forest animals sit together around a meeting table; a giraffe towers above the rest. Title reads 'What Sets Us Apart: 6 Reasons to Choose Next Day Animations for your Explainer Video'

One of the greatest benefits of animation is the options. When it comes to making an explainer video, endless customization and creativity means that the sky is truly the limit.

Options can also be …overwhelming. We’ve talked before on this blog about a variety of things that can influence decision making throughout the process of creating an animated video:

How does length and style affect pricing? Should I DIY my animation? 

One of the hardest decisions, though, is how to choose a studio that’s right for you.

Here at Next Day Animations, it’s our passion to find and present clear, simple answers to overwhelming problems. So no matter where you are in the explainer video process – from discovery to decision-making – we hope you find the following helpful:

Here’s our list of 6 reasons to choose our studio for your explainer video.


#1: Next Day Animations is a values-driven company.

What does it mean to be values-driven? 

For us, it means we care deeply about what we do and the way we do it. Telling your story well requires us to consider our company’s impact on all stakeholders – not just shareholders.

Check out this video we created called ‘More than a Mission Statement’ to share a little bit more about our values as an animation studio.

We’re a B Corp, SheRUNS certified, and one of our unofficial core values is FUN. We’re passionate about diversity in race, ability, gender expression and sexual orientation – in who we hire, and in who gets represented in our work. Read more about representation in our work here. Because our values are at the heart of what we do, we know how to help get to the heart of yours: and the result is incredible!

Bottom line: You can feel good about working with us because people, planet, and partnership are all being treated well.

#2: Our process includes professional script writing to ensure persuasive messaging.

Our scriptwriters are trained in compelling content writing, and have a proven track record of success. From your very first call with your production team, your dedicated script writer works directly with you to understand your idea. They work with you to create a persuasive and compelling narrative that clearly explains your message, and ensures it will resonate with your audience.

Click the image above to read our blog on How we Make Any Topic Compelling.

No matter the topic, our team is ready to partner on finding the perfect way to frame your story. Our team has eleven years of experience explaining topics across industries – from marketing and pitch videos, to learning and development modules, to high-detail anatomic explainers. We’re masters at making compelling content from even the driest of topics. 

Bottom line: You don’t have to worry about cleverly explaining your idea – we got you.


#3: Our award-winning animators hand-draw your video to fit your needs

A lot of online video-creation tools use stock imagery or computer-generated visuals: that’s a huge reason we recommend against using do-it-yourself software to create an animation. 

Our staff are award-winning artists, who love a creative challenge.

With us, a real human sits down, gets to know your project, and creates custom visuals to illustrate your story. And if you don’t love them? We can change them! Because our process is collaborative, revision is built in at every step.

We can even use your photos to create imagery that brings your people and environment to life. For example,  use the slider below to see how we brought Gizmo the United Way dog to life in our animation ‘Take the Pledge to Take Care of Your Mental Health.’

Bottom line: We’re not robots, and all of our artwork is custom made.

A real-life picture of a small, curly-haired pup and captions that read 'Gizmo's Pawesome Guide to Mental Health' An animated cartoon of Gizmo

#4: Our voiceover artists make your script sound good… in any language!

A persuasive script requires creative, professional actors who can emphasize your key points. That’s why our studio prioritizes finding the perfect actor to bring your script to life. Furthermore, our studio proudly offers full translation packages for your video in rare and common languages. Check out the playlist below to see some examples of different translation and accessability packages out of our studio.

Additionally, we offer SRT files for closed captioning with every project, free of charge. These features are not only a part of our commitment to accessability, but are useful for helping your message reach as many people as possible by increasing video SEO.

Bottom line: We will package your content any way you need it so that as many people as possible can be reached by your message.

#5: We can do all of this… and fast!

Our name is Next Day for a reason: from kick-off call to final files, our seasoned team is prepared to handle any timeline.

When you find yourself searching for a time machine, try calling our ingenious client advisors for a quote instead. We can give you an estimate on the spot for both a standard and rushed timeline. 

No matter your deadline, we’re here to help you create an engaging video to clearly express and share your message.

Bottom line: We can accomodate rush video projects without sacraficing quality and customization.

#6: Your explainer video is guarunteed.

When it comes to satisfaction, our policy is clear.

Bottom line: if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.


So, what do you say? Reach our fantastic client advisors today to get started on your big idea.

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