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5 Fundraising Ideas that Leverage the Power of Video

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Generating effective fundraising ideas is a necessary part of running a business, a nonprofit, a charity, a small startup, or any other type of organization.

A diverse group of family members walk together, holding a banner that reads 'Parkinson's Unity Walk'

A still from our video, ‘How to Fundraise for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk’

Raising money is one of the biggest challenges of business operations…but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

While there is nothing like setting and meeting (or exceeding!) a financial goal, the real magic happens the moment someone connects with your cause and chooses to invest their attention in what you’re doing.

The best fundraisers are those that speak to your audience’s heart, securing more than their financial investment. And video is the perfect tool for making the big impression that moves your audience towards a longstanding commitment to your mission.

We’re here to share 5 fundraising ideas that we’ve seen work again and again for our clients. 


Fundraising Idea #1: Use video at your Big Event

Whether you’re in person or online, live or pre-recorded, video is ideal for special events. Show them at your galas, virtual fundraisers, donor luncheons, webinars – you name it. 

Variety is the spice of life, and a short explainer video is the perfect ingredient to throw into a busy event where audience attention is key.

Try presenting your video on a big screen to greet guests as they enter a space, setting the tone for ‘why’ they’re there. Or use the video during the main event as the perfect attention-grabber and change of pace. Giving your presenters a break is just an added bonus!

Video can speak for itself, so let it do its thing while you sit back and enjoy the responses to your call to action.


Fundraising Idea #2: Drive sales with an explainer video

When you’re in the business of sales, video can be the equivalent of those nifty camping multi-tools. Seriously, you’ll be shocked at the utility when you consider the different problems video solves.

You already know that video is extremely easy to share – but have you thought about the time that will save you? You and your team will be employing consistent messaging across every conversation you have, making your most effective pitch every single time. 

For more problem-solving uses, check out this handy blog article where we feature 18 other ways to utilize an explainer video.


Fundraising Idea #3: Energize your campaign with a video

You’re ready to launch your next fundraising campaign or member drive: you’ve got a financial goal and a mission in mind, your outreach emails are drafted, and you’ve got a fabulous trending hashtag ready to turn heads and open wallets.

All you’re missing is something that can tie all of those things together. And video is the perfect, easily shareable package to hold all the information about your campaign. 

Our expert scriptwriters help you get to the heart of your message, which means that you can tell a compelling story and still have enough time for a clear call-to-action that moves your audience to give the second the video ends.

If your campaign is particularly large or scheduled across a long period of time, consider a video series. Not only does our studio offer discounts on a bundle of videos, but splitting up your content into multiple, digestible chunks is the perfect way to include all the aspects and details of your story without bogging down your fast and breezy call-to-action. For examples of video series, head to the ‘Our Work’ page.


Fundraising Idea #4: Bootstrap efficiently with a start-up video

Launching a new product – or business? Video is here for you.

It’s a compelling way to market an idea that’s getting off the ground. Trust us – we’ve witness plenty of success stories during our 11 years as an animation studio. Check out this introductory video to at-home light therapy tool, Sunflower, created by JustLight.

As you can see, an explainer video is a powerful way to demonstrate why your innovation matters, and how it provides the solution to a problem that your potential investors deem worth solving.

When you’re still in the phase of gathering investments, it’s crucial to have flexibility. Animation is a great solution. Compared to mediums like live video or printed marketing materials, animation is cheap and easy to update when things change throughout the process of getting off the ground. A short video is a great intro to your product or idea, and is the perfect complement or addition to pitch decks.


Fundraising Idea #5: Planned Giving

Does your organization raise money through legacy gifts or planned giving? 

These are ways for your supporters to name your organization as a beneficiary in their will, retirement fund, stock options, even cryptocurrency. Although not every organization collects donations this way, it’s a common avenue for dedicated supporters to leave a lasting legacy for something they care about.

Many organizations absolutely rely on the support provided by planned giving to establish long-term goals, and video is a great way to explain planned giving.

Animated videos can be particularly useful for explaining sensitive or complicated topics, because they’re approachable and clear. Sharing a video can be a conversation-starter.  Check out this video we created with our friends at Hennepin Healthcare.

By teaming up with us on an animated video, we can make an appeal for legacy giving that feels joyful, welcoming, and clear.

So, ready to get started on a video for your next fundraiser? You can always reach our fabulous client advisors directly at 202-747-0404 for a free quote and consultation.