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Project Spotlight: First United Bank

I’d say 95% of the marketing videos we make end up living on a brand’s homepage or landing page.Jason Karn First United Bank Spotlight Whiteboard Animation But every once in awhile a client comes along with an idea that knocks our sneakers off. Like the time a client literally parked his explainer animation around New York City on a video truck. (You can’t beat the cost of that airtime.)

We love collecting funny, surprising or unique ways to get videos out there and are inspired by the inventiveness of our partners… and we have a new one to share today!

The Organization:

Jason Karn and his team at First United Bank in Oklahoma. They help their clients finance their homes, and they are great at making a sometimes scary and confusing process easy to navigate.

The Challenge:

Increasing client referrals.

The Solution:

They created a celebratory video to literally gift to their client upon successful financing.First United Bank Project Spotlight Whiteboard Animation Keys

Who is the star of the video? The client themselves!

With an “I did it! I bought a house!” theme, these videos are given to clients specifically for them to upload to Facebook (with instructions). They have two versions- one with a female voiceover, one male.

At only 30 seconds, it’s a short and sweet way for clients to broadcast their exciting news, while endorsing their favorite mortgage group. It’s a win-win-win for existing customers, potential customers and First United Bank.

Here’s the clip:

How could you apply a similar first person technique to your marketing goals?

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