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Project Spotlight: Grand Forks Housing Authority

About GFHA’s Launch Project

The Grand Forks Housing Authority’s Launch project in North Dakota is helping people take control of their financial future, by providing a supplemental savings program that scales with families as their income grows. Section 8 housing participants have to pay 30% of their income towards utilities. As their income increases, the Launch program matches the new utility cost difference, and puts that money directly into a savings account for families working towards financial stability!

Our Solution

We collaborated with GFHA to spread the word about their Launch program, and how it can help Grand Forks residents move into a more lucrative future. We know that there’s an education barrier when it comes to explaining financial programs, so we used our visual precision to get to the heart of the project, and how the actual money finds its way into resident’s bank accounts. Between a growing savings account, financial coaching, and direct access to that earned capital, we got a chance to tell the story of a program that is actually changing people’s lives.

This is exactly the kind of work we love to do: take a positive social program, extoll its virtues in an accessible way, and bring visual clarity to the message.

If you’d like to learn more about GFHA and their Launch program, check out their website and the video below. It’s a great example of a socially responsible program that’s helping families, in a very real way, gain equity in a complex financial world.